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How to use Instagram stories for more engagement?

use Instagram stories for more engagement

Instagram’s popularity is increasing and with that the question of how to use Instagram stories perfectly too. A lot of people are running their businesses and creator accounts on Instagram.

All of them want to know the best ways in which they can create the best Instagram stories. The stories which will help them to get more engagement on their accounts.

In this article, we are going to learn how to use Instagram stories for more engagement.

1. Utilize all the features

Stories are the easier uploads that get more attention on Instagram. Therefore, in order to use Instagram stories, it’s important to utilize all the features. These features help you to make your stories more expressive. Also, business Instagram profiles come with more options to be used in the stories.

Best Instagram stories must have a proper use of these features. Be it GIFs, stickers, location tags, mentions, music or so on, all work perfectly. Even the use of fonts and colors matters according to the story. So, ensure to make most of your stories to engage more people.

2. Engage more

Audience likes the accounts which are more interactive and connected to them. You can use Instagram stories as a mode of interaction with the stickers like Q&As and polls. These stories make your audience feel valued and given importance too. When your stories do good, they attract more people to their accounts.

Using Instagram stories for more engagement is one of the best methods to grow your account. You can advertise through the stories and get seen by a much wider audience. For that, try the stories having interactive or one-click CTAs. 

3. Maintain brand’s aesthetics

Another important factor which helps you use Instagram stories in a better way is to maintain the brand’s aesthetics. You do not want to create a different expression from your stories. Moreover, when it comes to the discipline, it is important to have some set rules and regulations.

These rules followed in Instagram stories for more engagement allows you to create your brand aesthetics. In some way, the fonts and color combinations you use are also the parts of this. Therefore, it is a significant area that should be taken care of. Your Instagram stories can create or degrade your brand awareness.

4. Add links 

If you have a channel on YouTube or an organized partner website, you can add the link to it in your story. However, to use Instagram stories for links you need to follow a proper procedure. The business partner should also be a recognised identity. You can know about all this through the official Instagram story site.

Adding links makes it easier for your audience and they know the next step to do. Everyone wants easy to follow steps and that is why the best Instagram stories help you out. With this, the audience gets to your related links, leading to more engagement.

5. Use hashtags and location stickers

The best part about stories is that hashtags and location tags are effective for them too. It improves the story’s quality and provides more details about the picture or video you have posted as well as you can buy instagram followers. Use Instagram stories by putting relevant hashtags and use location tags when necessary.

With the help of these tools you create the best Instagram stories. These stories help you in getting wider exposure. When you reach more people while staying within the category, you get more leads. This ultimately improves the engagement rate of your account.

6. Create ads

A lot of people might miss on the feed but not really the Instagram stories. Creating advertisements and sharing them via Instagram stories for more engagement is a brilliant step. It gets easily mixed up with the normal stories and finally, appears in front of the target audience.

These do not fully dissolve with the ongoing stories and do not fully stand aside. This makes it one of the best ways to use Instagram stories. Advertisements targeting the leads provide you with your desired engagement.

7. Keep a track on analytics

Last but not the least is the step of seeing the results. It is important to check the impact your stories are having on the audience. It helps you choose the best Instagram stories from all the stories you have shared.

Analytics tells you the response of the audience on your stories. With this knowledge you can understand how to use Instagram stories in a better way. Eventually, you can understand the preferences of your audience and work on it to get engagement on your account.

These were the steps which can be followed in order to use Instagram stories in the best way. They help in getting more engagement on your account and related social media accounts.

Other than that, these stories also help in retaining the present audience. Also know the reasons why Instagram is actually important for small businesses. This will help you in getting an upper hand while preparing your Instagram marketing strategy.

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