How to Use CBD Oil for Good Health and Anxiety

There is a growing revolution of people using CBD oil for general health or anxiety. CBD reliefs or supports anxiety, pain, insomnia, arthritis, menopause symptoms, and other health issues that tend to make life unbearable.

However, though research has brought these benefits to light, there is still a question on how best to optimize the benefits of CBD and how to use it. CBD oil comes in different forms; tinctures, vaporizers, topicals, edibles, etc. So you’re left wondering which is best for you and how much you should take.

Our bodies react differently to CBD, and each method delivers the oil to the body uniquely. Both of these factors affect what CBD can be used for and how often it can be used. Here is what you should do if you are looking to use CBD for good health and anxiety:

Clarify What You Want to Use CBD for

Your body has more than 65 different targets. Since CBD has staggering therapeutic properties, you should focus on one or two of the properties you are looking for to find the best dosage faster.

So are you looking to use CBD for emotional support? For arthritic pain? Anxiety? Or you are just caving in to the pressure, and you want to see if you can somehow make life better with it? There is CBD oil meant for animals too. So, it you want it for your pets, you should search accordingly. CBD oil offers multiple benefits for pets and more information on it is available here.

Once you clarify your goal, track your progress, and rate your symptoms by either journaling about it or talking to a physician. Create a baseline record that will help you adequately judge if your CBD treatment is working. Moreover, the wonders of cbd oil are equally benefiting for the pets and many dog owners prefer this oil for the dogs over the other medicines. You can find the best cbd oil for dogs here.

Know Your Time Frame

How well CBD oil works in the body is often a balance between how you ingest it and how fast your body will eliminate it. Some methods deliver a slow, steadier concentration, while others deliver a sharp and quick peek.

We recommend an oral CBD product if you are looking to maintain steady levels of it throughout the day. For those looking for immediate, short-term relief, inhaled products are the best options.

However, you can also benefit from a combination of different delivery methods. For instance, if you are using CBD for anxiety, you can combine one daily oral supplement, three times a day, plus a vape pen when need be.

Determine Where You Need the CBD to Reach

In order for CBD oil to be effective, it needs to go where it’s most needed. For overall good health, you should figure out where you want the CBD to target. For example, if you’re targeting a mucous membrane or your skin, you could opt for a CBD topical. In this case, a topical will deliver the highest concentration exactly where you want it.

However, if your target is for CBD to travel via your bloodstream, whether to your immune system, brain, or other locations,  CBD edible products and vaporizers are the best.

Find Your Dose

How well CBD works varies from person to person. So many factors influence the process, so finding the right dosage should be an individual process.

We recommend starting on a very low dosage to ensure you don’t poorly react to CBD’s ingredients. You can start with a tiny puff of a vape, or 1-2 drops of an oral formulation, even though they are below the recommended serving listed on the product.

Always wait till the concentrate has peaked and left the system before you try a slightly higher dose. For an oral formula, wait 6+ hours, and for vaporizers, at least one hour. The effects you feel should be the cumulative results of the doses.

Know the CBD Quality

When you decide on an optimal CBD method of consumption and dosage, realize that it could change if you change products. Some CBD manufacturers are more trustworthy than others, so you should make an effort to know the CBD sources to know the quality because different sources have different effects.

You can opt for CBD isolates, full-spectrum, or broad-spectrum CBD extracts. Broad-spectrum extracts are more effective than CBD isolates because they contain a variety of molecules that work synergistically together due to their similar size and shape. It helps to do your research before you decide on the best type of CBD to use.

Enhance CBD Absorption

Though you may know how much CBD is in each dose serving you take, that doesn’t mean that the CBD is reaching your bloodstream or your targeted area because the value only represents how much is entering your body.

If you are using a vape, you can help increase the amount of CBD you will absorb by increasing how much you vape and experimenting with different inhalation techniques.

If you’re using an oral formula, enhance your absorption by swishing it around your mouth or holding it under your tongue before swallowing. 

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