How to Turn Your Blog Into a Business

Writing and growing your personal blog is one thing, but turning it into a potential business venture is a completely different story. It takes a lot of know-how to set everything up right, and get the cash flowing, especially in the beginning. Many bloggers out there choose not to bother with it because of this. Mainly, for this reason, I’ve written this guide to explain how you can turn your blog’s success into a profitable business. To learn more, just keep on reading.

Generate traffic

First and foremost, every business needs customers. In order to actually gain some revenue for your blog, you first need to generate a fair bit of traffic. Start by promoting your blog on social media. It’s free and it has tons of bored people just thirsting for some quality content; be the one that quenches their thirst. Write exclusively about the things you are familiar with and do it well, making low-quality posts will not only rob you of your own audience but get your blog flagged as spammy on Google.

As a result, your blog will have poor page placement on Google search. Furthermore, becoming a guest writer on other people’s blogs will both expand your readership and win you some blogging prestige in the online community.

Sell your own products or services

Once you start generating enough traffic, it’s time to monetize your blog. A great way to do this is to offer your services online for a price. Use your posts as a portfolio and attract clients that are in need of a freelance writer, a writing coach or a writing consultant. If there are some other services you could be provided apart from the writing itself, then promote those as well.

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Next, the createan online shop for your blog where you can sell your products. If you don’t have any products to offer, now’s as good a time as any to become an entrepreneur. Either think of potential products you could make in order to sell them on your blog, or if you only have your name to sell then get some merchandise with your picture, name, or logo on it for your fans to purchase.

Acquire a business name

Giving your business a name will not only make you look more professional but will make you more identifiable to your customers. The internet is full of scammers and con artists, you want your customers to know that you are serious about your business and not some charlatan looking to steal their money. A brand name is huge, in fact, for some businesses, their name is often their most valuable asset. It’s what differentiates you from your immediate competitors and something your customers can connect to emotionally.

This is why you should register a business name as soon as possible before someone else snatches your brand name from under your nose. Consequently, this can create a great deal of confusion with your readership and you’d have to settle for a different, not so familiar, name.

Place display and click ads

This method is great when you’re just starting out with your blog and will generate you some easy money at the beginning. New bloggers usually resort to this when they start monetizing their blogs. The money earned from this can be invested in buying a new domain, acquiring a trade name, creating giveaways for top contributors, and so on. Google AdSense is generally what people go for, but there are other options out there as well.

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Basically, how these ads work is that you get paid every time one of your customers clicks the ads that are placed all over your blog. For some though, they might look a bit ugly and cheap, but they can always just block them anyway.

Try affiliate marketing

Finally, the most high-earning spot of all these methods quite possibly goes to none other than affiliate marketing. How this works is that you write about a particular site or product and then receive a portion of the revenue gained from the purchase of that product, provided the customer followed the link you placed in your post.

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Some bloggers out there claim that they are earning six-digit figures from Amazon Associates alone, and they are probably right. However, for this method to work you need to have dedicated and loyal followers on your blog that will buy the things you recommend them. Writing only top quality posts for your blog will make sure of that.

All in all, focus on writing the best quality content for your particular niche on the internet. That alone will bring in a lot of potential new customers for your own services and products or for those you recommended. All of these combined will generate you a sweet profit indeed.

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