How to Travel in Style as a Business Owner

Traveling as an employee is hectic but fun. But what if you’re the boss? From business class seats to company credit cards, here is a list of tips and tricks to make your next trip a luxury experience like any other on the company dime. And with these business-centric travel hacks, you can finally live like a CEO without feeling guilty.

Business travel differs from pleasure travel in many ways. First, business trips are often shorter, requiring you to pack light and use airline baggage charges to your advantage. Second, you rarely fly alone — employee travel usually requires a team or colleagues. And thirdly, you’re on the clock. You have meetings, customers, and clients to visit, and places to be at a certain time.

As a business owner, you likely have to travel for business a lot. Here are ways to travel in style as a business owner.

1. Fly on a Private Jet

Business class is great, but nothing beats traveling in style as a business owner. Flying private takes luxury travel to the next level. Plus, it’s a great way to have time with clients without the distraction of other passengers.

There are companies all over the world that offer this service, including Stratos, NetJets, and Flexjet in the United States. If you charter a private jet in Dallas, you can even have your chosen pilot. The flight comes with a personal flight attendant, and you can entertain yourself on board.

Private jets have many advantages in business travel, including fast access to the terminal, fast security clearance, and convenience. These jets are also incredibly comfortable.

2. Book Your Own Suite

When traveling for business as a team or for a meeting such as a conference, you’ll likely be put up in a hotel room. Rather than staying in the same cramped quarters with your colleagues, book your suite instead.

Suites offer more space, a full-sized kitchen, and great views. You’ll also enjoy an in-suite attendant who can cook and serve your meals in a beautiful setting.

With suites, you can choose the style of room you desire. For example, presidential suites have their bedroom and living quarters on their floor. Some hotels will even provide butler service to you as a business owner.

3. Get a Company Credit Card

Having a business credit card is the ultimate luxury. It lets you travel without carrying around cash and makes it easy to keep track of expenses.

You can get first-class upgrades, special deals at hotels and resorts, and even free entertainment, spa treatments, or dining out with the right company credit card. To top it all off, most business credit cards also offer extended replacement insurance for damaged property and stolen items on an international trip.

Most business credit cards are designed with rewards in mind. For example, the American Express Cobalt card lets you earn SkyMiles for your purchases. And the Starwood Preferred Guest Business Card enables you to earn Starpoints on all purchases.

4. Rent a Private Island

For a luxury travel experience that you and your team or clients will never forget, check out the private islands. These are privately owned islands located around the world. They range from tropical islands to deserted islands and have their unique flair.

Many private island resorts boast amazing amenities, including private golf courses, on-site chefs, and phenomenal views. Plus, many of these resorts allow you to book in groups or host private events for your business associates.

Private islands are perfect for business owners looking for an unforgettable travel experience. Some companies specialize in catering to these island resorts. You can rent the entire private island or just a section of it.

5. Stay in a Five-Star Hotel

As a business owner, you may not have time to look into all the five-star hotels in the city you’re visiting. Instead, use the power of Google and search for 5-star hotels near me right now. You’ll instantly see a list of every five-star hotel that’s nearby.

Visit each website ahead of time to get an idea about their services and amenities. Some hotels let you book online, too.

Once you’re at the hotel, enjoy checking into your suite and knowing that all the amenities are at your convenience. Having a 5-star hotel can make business travel a lot less stressful.


Business travel takes you to beautiful places, but you rarely have time to enjoy the local scenery. With these tips and tricks, you can turn your next business trip into a luxury experience.

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