How to Track Every Activity Of Your Loved Ones With These Amazing app in 2020

It is said that tracking your loved ones is not an advisable thing to do but when you are concerned about your loved ones then it is the most advisable thing to do. You will have to track every activity of your loved ones. This might upset them, but you do not have to inform them about you tracking them. You can easily track them without letting them know that you are actually tracking them.

There have been many applications in many operating systems, one of the most famous ones is Snoopza. It has been used by many people for many purposes, but now there are other applications too which you can use to look for the person you want to track.

There are different applications in Android and different applications in android, so it is important to know which phone works for which application. Here we will give you some of the app locators and also for which device they work.

The safety of your family is not most important, it is very important that when you are away from your family, you know about your family and your family knows about you. 

Find My iPhone     

This is one of the best applications that one can use to track your near and dear ones. App Available only on iPhones. This is an iPhone spy apps location tracker app that will help you to locate your kids, spouse, or any near and dear ones. You just need to turn on your family sharing option on your iPhone. This is something new and only the iPhone users will understand the value of this. There are some other applications for iPhones only. You need to be sure about the one which is compatible with your phone. 

To use this application, everyone you track must be aware that you are using such an application, cause it gives certain notifications, they will enable your location and they will be able to see you. If you have your location shared then you will be able to find a person anywhere.  This app is already built-in for iPhone, and it has three tabs, which show people, devices, and me. The iPhone location tracker application will help you to find out where your family members are. It is so helpful that it will allow you to track your family member even when it is offline.


This is another application, which is popular and is also a family tracker app. It is not just for a person in your family, it is for your entire family. You will always be updated about the whereabouts of the person, it also includes a GPS on the phone, and in the tracker application too. There is an alarm button for the kids who use this app so that they can make others aware as soon as possible. There are several packages for this application and you can choose the one which you want. The name of this application is quite interesting and it is very different from other tracking applications. It is useful only if you can use the correct application and before you decide to use it make sure that everyone else gets to use it only if it is quite compatible with the phone. 

Google Maps

This is the most common but the best one that can be used on the phone, all androids support this facility on the phone and you can use this inbuilt application for tracking anyone you want. You will be seeing an option called shared location, which means that wherever you are, if you just share your location, you will be able to find out where your favorite food is. Google Maps is installed on the phone, inbuilt in the phone. Google Maps will help you to use the application easily because in most of the phones, this is easily available on all phones. 

The Google location tracking app also keeps records of the past location; there are some sharing options which also shows the position and the location. These features are available and you can also choose the location and the duration of the people who can see your location. Google Maps is one of the most common applications that is used. 


With Famisafe you can benefit from geo-fencing, which is a smart parental control setting that helps all your family members to know about your location and whereabouts. It also has some facilities of screen time control and emergency alert. You can use geofencing to create your own customization. It gives you an emergency alarm on the kids who enter the safe zone or not. This application is also available for a three-day trial.

This is another safe application that is used by all family members. As far as compatibility is concerned, it must have a good internet connection and it will be compatible with everything. As the name suggests, it is mainly for all the family members in the family. Fami-Safe is one of the most used applications and everyone uses it without any second doubt about the proximity of the application.   

Life 360 – Family Locator

This is one of the ultimate gadgets that one can use. It is the best gadget to take care of all your family members. They will remain safe and you will remain notified about their location. This application also has the messaging facility, which in cases of any emergency you can use to text and let your family members know about your presence. All the Android phones support this application, you can simply download it and use it.  


There are many such applications available in the play store, you just need to be sure about which kind of application would be adaptable to your phone. It is important that you find out about all these in detail and then use the application. Try to look for the application which is easy to use. 

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