How to Start a Lifestyle Blog and Make Money Complete Guide

What drives people who want to become bloggers? Everyone has motives of their own for this. Someone wants to become famous, someone wants to make good money, but someone needs a platform to express their thoughts. As practice shows, the latter become successful much more often – naturally, if you do not take into account those who occupied the tops of the TOPs due to big money poured into the “project” at its start. Yes, your blog, first of all, is your project, your business, even if it is not profitable at first, and you have almost all the tools in your hands so that it “shoots” and brings you everything you dream of.

The most important thing is to choose a niche for your blog. Many, if not all, depend upon it. The blog topic is unambiguous, and you should be familiar and exciting. Remember what you are fond of, what is your hobby and a little more advice. Choose topics where there can be no single opinion.

Next step is to select a platform for your blog. There are many options where to blog. Consider each in order of popularity.

Popular platforms for your blog


The most popular format for today. People do not want to read, and people want to watch. Suitable for all subjects, especially entertainment. The only negative – the need to mount videos. But when you begin to receive decent money from the channel, you will be able to delegate this work. And you can hire an operator.


It is suitable for women only. If you are a man, you should not even try, and your audience is not there.

Since the content there are pictures, they are understandable in any language.

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The platform is cool, but not for blogging. I recommend using them as an additional channel for working with the audience. However, it is not worth taking a blog and text or video format on these social networks, and the audience will not find you.


It is suitable for short humorous notes or news only. Restriction of characters does not allow clearing up. It can be used as a communication option among professionals. It fits for designers and programmers, though.

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It is a tool for professionals so far, like Twitter. “Adult” topics such as politics, economics, business. Well suited as an additional playground.


It is an underestimated network, but also specific and more suitable for those who are connected with work online. Marketing, SMM, HR specialists.


A forgotten nobody format, but can take off. It is necessary to realize that podcasts are listened to as background. On one`s way to work, or in the car. This is such a mysterious format that I do not even dare to advise on what topics it is worth releasing podcasts, and on which not.

A blog on a domain of one`s own

The “coolest” option. You register a domain name like, install the engine for the site (most likely it will be WordPress), set it up and write posts. For a wider audience, I do not recommend this option, and there are more comfortable options, and for whom? A programmer (write useful programming materials there), a system administrator (write about networks and their settings), an SEO-specialist (share experiences in website promotion). In general, those associated with IT and websites.

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It allows you to create your blog with an address like the nickname. [Platform name] .com. Maybe someone will like this option, but as for me, it is all old.

I recommend not dwelling only on one platform, using several at once — lead YouTube channel – lead and Facebook group. Lead Instagram – add Facebook. This not only increases the loyalty of the audience but also provides an opportunity to earn extra money. If the advertiser is not productive and cannot buy advertising from you on YouTube, he can purchase advertising in your Facebook group. Why do you need to lose another source of income?

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