How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Any Money

Affiliate marketing has since become one of the most lucrative businesses in recent times. More and more marketers are now aware that there are various money-making opportunities, and the industry continues to become more competitive. For this reason, many endeavors to join affiliate marketing programs. If you’re one of them but lack the money to do so, you don’t need to fret; there are many free affiliate marketing programs.

How can I start affiliate marketing without cash? Read on to find out.

1. Pick a niche

 There are multiple niches to choose from; these are, for instance, beauty, health, camping, travel, fishing, pets, and many more. Most of the niches also have sub-headings such as; anti-aging beauty products, men’s health, and traveling in Europe.

 While some are well-known, others are still green; however, you can always find products to sell to clients interested in your chosen niche. Moreover, you can pick any niche and can also try the highest paying affiliate niches. Choose one that you are enthusiastic about since it’s likely that you already have some knowledge of the same.

2. Join a free website and hosting

Nowadays, building a website is simple than it was some years back. The cost of designing a website has also reduced drastically, and you no longer have to understand HTML coding. Besides, you can get a sub-domain for free.

Some of the places you can get a free website are;,, You can also search online to get more options. If you search on Google or YouTube, you’ll also get information on tutorials on how to design a website. You can also search for specific tutorials which interest you. For example, if you plan to use WordPress, search for information on how to create a free WordPress website.

3. Get free copyright images

In any business type, the way you display your products matters. For instance, trade show displays are valuable tools for conferences and trade shows, for they allow exhibitors to showcase their products to the target audience.

 However, to have a website in affiliate marketing, you need to have quality images, and there are various sites where you can access free quality images. These are, for example,,,

4. Promote on social media platforms

Social media sites are a crucial part of almost all businesses. Although you can sign up for free, there are endless resources for growing an audience, getting likes, and devoted followers. Some of the popular social media sites are; Facebook, Whatsapp, Tweeter, Instagram YouTube, and Linkedln.

5. Join affiliate marketing programs

There are so many free affiliate marketing programs but search for ones that are related to your niche. Affiliate networks consist of different companies with affiliate programs. You can join for free, set up an account, and commence applying for individual affiliate programs. One of the best affiliate programs for beginners is Amazon associates, and it is easy to join. Be sure to go through the conditions since violation may lead to termination of your affiliate account.

6. Advertise on niche related forums

There are numerous free forums that you can join. However, ensure that they are associated with your niche and go through all the guidelines before signing up.

Take away

Although there are many affiliate programs, it’s wise to keep off ones that require you to pay. Besides, most of them are free affiliate marketing programs, and you can easily signup without spending a dime. Some will even guide you on the right keywords, promotional tools, and how to market products. So, if you don’t have any money, don’t shy away from joining unless you are interested in being part of an affiliate marketing program.

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