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How To Shoot 1 Minute Culinary Video – 10 Lifehacks

There is so much excellent content available online that you can find anything you need. The following article is for those who like cooking and shooting. You can combine 2 in 1 and produce an excellent product, which is going to be your 1-minute cooking video. You are going to find out where to take ideas, how to save on products and make a video.

Where to get ideas for recipes?

Create your menu for a month in advance. Get ideas from everywhere: the internet, cafes, restaurants, recipes from subscribers. Write down your schedule so that you know what and when you will upload.

How To Shoot 1 Minute Culinary Video

How to start shooting?

First, make sure that you have all the ingredients for the dish. Secondly, check the camera settings, as the video may get too dark or light. Third, make sure you turned the camera on.

What is the best way to shoot video recipes?

A comfortable shooting angle for the audience is overhead, that is, from above. For such a shooting, there is a special tripod with or without ready-made light. You can, of course, build a homemade, but still, it is better to buy it.

What lighting is best to shoot?

There are pros and cons in daylight and artificial light. In the day, you get very natural and vibrant colors, but with different lighting. In artificial light, there is a color balance, but it will not give the same natural colors.

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What program to use?

For video editing, I use the program Final Cut. You can learn to use the program on YouTube – there is a lot of useful information. If you are fluent in English, then it will be easier to find systematic video tutorials on working with the program.

What program to use? Shoot 1 minute culinary Video

How to sound the video?

Record the voice acting separately. There are many distractions when cooking. There is a risk of forgetting to say something or, on the contrary, to say something redundant. It is also essential to have a script with you. If you shot a video precisely according to the text, then it will be much easier for you to voice it.

How to save on products?

Go to the store with a specific list of products. The menu will limit you, and you will not buy anything extra. Never go for groceries on an empty stomach and take with you the average amount; otherwise you risk collecting a lot of excesses. If you do not buy the products for the first time, then approximately imagine how much you will spend.

 Shoot 1 Minute Culinary Video

Is it essential to know the right places to buy?

Yes, do not buy everything in one place. I buy meat, fruits, and vegetables at the fair and market. I take cereals, tea and milk in supermarkets because there are good discounts. It is also important to pay attention to the shelf life of goods at a premium.

What if you are tired of doing this?

If you have a feeling of fatigue, then you should take a closer look at whether you are doing it. When a person loves his business, he will not look for additional inspiration and motivation.

Advice for novice bloggers:

Try not to copy anyone. Find something of your own, so that the viewer will look at your video and understand that this is unique content.

You do not need much money and post your constant traveling to corners of paradise to be a famous blogger. What you need is to find a good photo (video) opportunity for a shot and do not forget about your subscribers. Be natural, sound natural; make sure you have all you need for shooting and go for it. If you love what you do, you are going to make it right, and your subscribers are going to like it. Have patience and be original. Copying does not capture your personality. The signing of your video is due in no small part to everything you do and the last but not least enjoy the process!

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