Symptoms for Recognizing virus & spyware attacks on your PC

You may surely have a tough deal with virus & spyware attacks sometimes or somewhere you are fed up with your PC speed due to viruses. Knowing whether your PC is under the attack of viruses is not a very tough job as it seems. When a virus & spyware attacks any PC there is some sign seen on your PC. Taking those sign as a final warning and taking serious actions will remove those problems and viruses attacks beforehand, and it will save your data from hackers.

Some people not even know when their PC is attacked by a virus or spyware. Spyware is types of virus which remain silent mode on your PC & keep a record of your personal data and sends that record to Hackers. Viruses are there on your PC for a month or even for more time & do their jobs easily if not cached and deleted. We only get to know the attacks, when there is a big loss such as data loss or hard disk failures.

Symptoms of Recognizing virus & spyware attacks on your PC

So let us see the Symptoms of how to find the viruses and take a serious measure to destroy them.

The slow speed of the computer

The computer becomes slow and taking more time for opening any software, this means that most of the CPU’s and computer memory is busy in processing the viruses/spyware. In this situation, computer startup and starting internet explorer takes more time.
Unrecognized changes in a browser setting

If your browser’s homepage has changed automatically when you are under the attack of spyware. The homepage is the first page which opens automatically when the internet browser is opened. Generally when we o to the tools menu and sets our favorite homepage which may be search engines or any email services. Spyware on your PC will change your homepage to let you enter to a special website.

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Computer hangs very instantly

The computer gets hangs very instantly or gets jams at a very severe rate, so it must be because of virus infection. It generally happens when you have not installed any new software or hardware.

Pop up windows

On opening internet browser instantly many pop ups windows one after the other opens, then it is possible that it is virus which has attacked. These pop ups may have some advertisements or some links to porn or bad website which may be harmful.

Warnings pop up

If some warning or message box on the screen regularly pop up. Which has a message of ‘virus attacked’ or any link to remove virus, this is the sign of malware or virus attack.

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Undefined Icons

If there is a new type of icon present on your system tray, but no such software is installed on your PC. And on clicking the icon it will start opening pop ups and porn sites then it means the same thing i.e. VIRUS

Strange folders and files

If on your PC’s desktop or in any drive a folder is seen that you have not made and there is many files inside them which you have not created nor they are created by any software installations. Apart from this, if you delete them it automatically appears after some time.

Some more Symptoms you must look

  1. There are some messages appearing in your Email sent folder, which you have never sent.
  2. There are some new tool bars present in your internet browser. If you try to remove them they are back in sometime or not deleted at all.
  3. A revolving sound coming from hard disk even when your computer is silent. 

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