How To Promote B2B With The Help Of Internet Marketing

Do you work with wholesalers and think that internet marketing is not for you? Read this post to the end, and you will change your mind forever.

There is a misbelief among entrepreneurs that promotion on the Internet is only suitable for the B2C industry. However, the US market makes it clear that selling by wholesale is also useful. It is only necessary to find the right approach and ways to use the Internet for B2B.

I agree the task is rather difficult. However, is it possible to call a fresh entrepreneur who is afraid of difficulties? You do not belong to such people in a business. Then read the article to the end, and forward to the new heights.
Try to use every tip:

1.Implement the right email marketing

How have many Internet marketing tricks appeared in the last 2-3 years? However, which ones have stood the test of time? The very few. Email marketing is a direction that remains effective, despite all the trends and critical reviews. The tool is so flexible that you can customize it for any task, including for wholesale.

This type of marketing allows not only increasing the number of sales but also significantly expanding the business itself, including considerably scaling the customer base, improving branding and finding new cool employees in the team. The secret is simple: automate basic processes in email marketing.

Do the following:

Synchronize CRM and email marketing service. Sending emails is automatic. It is the case when sales take place without your participation. How do you get the idea to wake up in the morning and find that you have ordered a large batch of goods? Cool, right?

Segment your audience. Different people subscribe to your newsletter. You need to understand the difference between a cold, warm and hot audience. Send letters depending on the willingness of a particular person to make an order. To calculate this factor, create different entry points into the funnel and track the movement of subscribers on it.

Analyze the audience and add influence triggers. When you have determined what kind of traffic subscribers are referring to, add triggers. For example, if one segment is already ready to make an order, focus on personal promotions and discounts. People, who just fit into the funnel, talk about the benefits of working with you. Those who are already familiar with the company, but still thinking about buying, prove that your products deserve attention. Allocate your benefits against competitors.

2. Use promotion on social networks

Many people believe that there is an insolvent audience on social networks. But think about it. You, too, are creating a big business. But use Facebook or Instagram. And, perhaps, all together. So why are your potential clients (entrepreneurs like you) not social networking sites? Admit it; it is foolish to think so at a time when Instagram is used multi purposely by people at the ages from 13 to 60 years old with various social status.

Find an SMM strategy that will interest potential customers for sure. Here you need to consider the very principle of B2B carefully. Keep in mind that you give the opportunity to earn other people. Thus, without regard to the specific category of goods, regularly share helpful suggestions on selling them properly.

Even if it is the sale of building materials, for example, you understand that your customers are repairing companies. Explore Internet marketing to the smallest detail and tell customers how they can promote their services. It will give an excellent result.

Imagine: while your competitors are talking about the technical characteristics of the materials, you give the bonus specific instructions on how to earn two times more on the same elements. What do you think, who will contact customers?

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Of course, it is you! You initially offer more than other companies do. But the price of goods is the same.

This strategy is win-win for any niche. The idea is simple: be useful to customers and take care first of all about them. People, even on an emotional level, feel companies that are trying to help them. Given the state of the modern B2B market, only with the help of this step can you overtake 90% of competitors.

Use social networks and the right SMM strategy to get this idea across to potential customers. The task is to allocate an audience of millions of social network visitors correctly.

3. Follow the principle of ZMOT with content marketing

Why do you think that many cool entrepreneurs, who took place in the offline business, fail in breaking into the Internet? The reason is an entirely different approach. Their usual understanding of business is about a simple thing: there is direct advertising, a lucrative offer, which means that there is a client. Everything works differently online.

Google derived a principle called Zero Moment of True (zero moments of trust). Its essence is pure: to get a customer, you must give him a utility in advance. The previous step with social networks is very similar to this. However, the difference is that here you do not use direct advertising and commercial offers at all. Links to marketing pages or marketing funnel entry points only.

What is the fundamental difference between B2C and B2B? There are two things:

Average check. It is clear that in standard sales the standard order amount is much higher. And the net profit, as a rule, grows approximately in the same proportions.

Conversion. For a selling page in B2C, a translation of 5-10% is considered normal. If a landing page in wholesale converts 1% of visitors into buyers, this is already an excellent result.

It is clear that conversion is a fundamental indicator. It is through content marketing that you can significantly increase it. Use any of the available tools to share content on the subject of business with your audience free of charge. It could be a blog, a YouTube channel, an Instagram account, a Facebook.

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Determine which method of communication is most convenient for your target audience. And even easier – ask. If you already have clients, ask them a direct question: “At what site would you find it convenient to receive free useful content from us?” Most will be explicitly interested in this opportunity and will give a specific answer. Even better, create a handy survey with your options.


Wholesales is a rather complicated type of business even off-web. However, if you use the promotion recommendations correctly, you will get an incredible result. Be prepared that sales will not come immediately. Successful work in the field of B2B is the result of hard work. Nevertheless, looking at the modern market, I understand that each of you has a 100% chance of becoming a leader in its niche. The main thing is to start on time.

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