How To Prevent the Flu When Traveling

When you travel for business or leisure, the last thing you want to take home with you is a nasty case of the flu. Any time you are away from home, however, you may encounter germs that can leave you feeling rundown and send your immune system into a tailspin. How can you protect yourself from catching the flu or other illness when you travel? These smart tips can keep you healthy while traveling.

Pack Wisely

Get together a travel kit of items you may need when on a plane, train, or other public transportation. Here are just some products you may want to include in your kit:

With travel-sized containers kept in a Ziploc bag, your travel safety kit should pass travel regulations for carry-on luggage without any problems. Consider taking a cold flu prevention medicine along for the trip to strengthen your germ-fighting abilities and keep you feeling your best.

Improve Your Health

Before you take your trip, do what you can to feel your best. That can include getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and eating a healthy diet. You may want to take immune-boosting dietary supplements as well, such as vitamin C, magnesium, and zinc. Nutrient-rich foods, including salmon, yogurt, dark leafy greens, eggs, and any other superfood for cold & flu may be all you need to get those vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy and strong.

Practice Good Hygiene

By now, most people understand the importance of wearing masks while in public, washing hands for at least 20 seconds, and maintaining physical distance from others of at least six feet apart. Unfortunately, when you seated on a plane or train, you may not be able to adhere to these guidelines. Just do your best to limit contact and keep your nose and mouth covered unless eating or drinking.

Avoid the restroom if possible, but if you must go, wipe any surfaces with disinfecting wipes before you touch them, and wash your hands well. Also, do not touch your face, especially your eyes, nose, and mouth, until you have had the opportunity to at least use hand sanitizer. Those disinfecting wipes are also handy for tray tables, seat belts, arm rests, and any other shared surfaces.

Stay Hydrated

The air in planes can be very drying, not just to your skin, but also to your mucus membranes. That dryness and irritation can make it easier for flu and cold germs to infect your body. That is why it is so important to drink plenty of water when you travel. And no, soda, coffee, tea, and alcohol do not work as well, so enjoy these beverages in moderation.

If you do not have time to do all these preparatory suggestions, you may want to include an immune-supporting supplement during your travels. Ask friends about their preferred products or look online for recommendations about top brands, such as Brillia reviews, to see what works best. Chances are good that by employing these strategies, you can travel your way through flu season and make it out unscathed.

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