How to prevent Child Injuries – Infographics

Do you have children of your own, or are around them quite a lot (teachers for example)? Then you must know about the risks and dangers that children face every day that can lead to major and even life-threatening injuries. An alarming number of children are sent to the hospital every year seeking treatment for injuries that could have been easily preventable. Knowledge about the common scenarios where these injuries occur is absolutely vital for people with kids or who tend to spend a lot of time with them.

After all, if you’re empowered with the right knowledge you will always be on the lookout for risky environmental factors that might pose a harm to children. Unfortunately for children, these environments are far too common. Even somewhere apparently as harmless as a playground can be a place where a child might sustain a serious injury.

If you’re looking to empower yourself with knowledge about child injuries and how to prevent them, then this infographic from Wiener and Lambka is perfect. It contains some eye-opening statistics related to preventing child injury, including the major causes of it and what you can do to prevent these injuries from happening in the first place. 
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Kids will be kids, and it’s unwise to forbid them from physical activities completely. But adults should also be aware of the risks that come with the physical activities children engage in and how to best minimize them. Most if not all child injuries are absolutely preventable if the adults around them are diligent enough to spot the risks. What’s more, injuries might not simply be limited to physical ones either – mental injuries can affect a child in profoundly negative ways. Go through this beautifully illustrated infographic and empower yourself with knowledge that will prove indispensable in the safety of your or someone else’s children.

How to prevent Child Injuries - Infographics

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