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How to Potentiate Kratom for Better Results

How to Potentiate Kratom for Better Resultsred vein kratom leaves

Potentiating the effect of kratom requires the use of either synthetic or natural substances. The method or substance used depends on an individual’s taste and preference. The following can be used for better results grape juice, magnesium, coffee, tea and is also taken on an empty stomach. Below are ways in which these potentiators result in a change in the efficacy of kratom.

Ways to Potentiate Kratom For Enhancing Effects

1. Taking Kratom with Grape Juice

Grape juice is taken along with the kratom powder since it makes it easy to swallow, eliminating the bitter taste. It also inhibits kratom’s breakdown by body enzymes, thus remaining in circulation for more extended periods. By so doing, it is properly absorbed and its half-life prolonged. Thereby the desired effect is usually met more quickly.

2. Magnesium

Kratom users commonly use magnesium since it reduces tolerance that occurs after prolonged use of kratom. One can solve this issue here on New Treatments that explain well about the ways to control kratom tolerance. However, It does this by binding to kratom receptors preventing much of the kratom from binding. Hence one can enjoy a lesser dosage of kratom for a longer time. It’s also a laxative which reduces constipation that is caused by kratom.

3. Using it on an Empty Stomach

On an empty stomach, it’s absorbed faster due to the absence of the food that would hinder the process. Hence large amounts get in the blood circulation on an empty stomach, increasing its effectiveness and limiting unwanted interactions with food. Kratom users are encouraged to consume it an hour or two before meals to give ample time for sound absorption.

4. Coffee

Caffeine found in coffee mainly potentiates the effect of kratom. Both of which increase the level of alertness and make one feel very energetic. However, it’s recommended to be taken early in the morning to set the pace for the day.

5. Turmeric

Enzymes required during the metabolism of kratom also metabolize turmeric. When the two get used together, turmeric occupies these enzymes resulting in decreased enzymes for kratom. Thus reduced metabolism and kratom’s potency is raised. Boosts and prolongs the benefits of kratom.

6. Cayenne pepper

A natural spice that, when taken with kratom, amplifies its effect and makes it more potent. Both cayenne pepper and turmeric make it more potent. These can be swallowed together an hour before the kratom dose.

7. Encourage Consumption of Kratom Potentiators minutes before the Dose

A good example is some turmeric and cayenne pepper, which can be ingested one hour before kratom. Others should be taken forty-five minutes earlier to ensure that they are set in the body waiting to potentiate kratom’s effect. Whereas some of the potentiators, when taken along with the kratom simultaneously, may end up producing some undesirable effects. These vary from one user to another.

8. Stem and Veins of Kratom

Blending the stem and veins of kratom and its powder form gives an end product, enhancing better results. It is cheaper and comfortable to make compared to kratom powder. It causes more sedative, relaxing effects, and reduces kratom tolerance as magnesium does.

9. Chamomile Tea

It is the most commonly used tea that potentiates the effects of kratom. It enhances the relaxing effect of kratom by increasing its half-life.

Final Words

The above are some herbs or spices that are known to make kratom more effective. All of these produce different results depending on the individual using it. Hence, it’s your responsibility to use different potentiators to help you develop the best, which reacts less with your body. Since most of them are natural substances like turmeric, grape juice, and pepper, there is no risk in trying, which suits you best. There is an additional benefit for taking the natural spices since they result in better health.

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