How to play Dragon Tiger at a casino online

When we talk about gambling, it will be undermining the relevance of card games, not to mention it. Card games are one of the most popular types of games you can find anywhere. These games are played using cards as the instrument both in traditional card games or digital (online) card games. There are different types of card games at, and the dragon tiger is one. So, do you want to know what a dragon tiger is? Then you’ve found the right piece to read.

Dragon Tiger Card Game

  • Dragon tiger (usually called Baccarat and made for lovers of Baccarat) is a 2 card game; It is the 2 card version of Baccarat.
  • This game is as old as the history of card games itself but can be traced in history back to Cambodia.
  • Dragon Tiger is meant to be a simpler version of the original Baccarat.
  • The game has one goal, and it is to tell which card has the highest card.
  • There are no additional cards drawn in the game, which means that Dragon Tiger resembles Casino War more rather than Baccarat.

How to play Dragon Tiger

The logic behind this game is to focus on the higher card. Players try to predict which of the hands has the highest card. There’s the Dragon and the Tiger. 8 cards are shared in this game; this also means that you can play your games on 8 different cards. Tiger and Dragon are the most sought after cards; others include Tiger odd, Tiger, even, Dragon red and Dragon Black.

  1. Dragon Tiger is a 52 card standard game.
  2. Aces are low cards, J, Q, 10, and K are the highest cards
  3. The game opens by presenting players with an option to place their bet on a tiger of the dragon
  4. This is done by placing 2 cards face up on a table
  5. The highest card wins.
  6. Same way you play land-based card games is the same way you’ll play Dragon Tiger on online casinos

7. The aforementioned is believed to be the next step you take after opening an account with an online casino (which is the first)

Tips for playing Dragon Tiger on online casinos

  • Remember to always bet on the dragon or the tiger
  • Do not be quick to go for the Tie Bet (don’t, it’s not always the wise option)
  • Also, avoid the Suited Tie bet
  • Use the card counting strategy (which states that you deal with few cards at once so that counting will be made easier.
  • No betting systems
  • Never forget that the Dragon Tiger is a game of luck and chance.

In Summary

Dragon Tiger is a 2 card version of the game called Baccarat (also a card game), and the aim is to determine which hand has the highest cards. The focus is on the dragon and the Tiger because bets are placed on either of the two. Since Dragon tiger is a type of card game, there are no wilds or scatters as in slot games. Just aces, J, K, 10, etc.

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