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How To Offer Better Marketing Solutions For Clients In The eCommerce Sector

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Marketing is a crucial ingredient in every business’s success story. A robust marketing campaign allows businesses to engage with their customers, maintain the company’s reputation and boost sales. For many businesses, marketing can even become a ticket to stand out from the competition. 

As a marketing agency, it’s vital that you understand how important marketing is for businesses and continue offer solutions that expedite their success in the eCommerce sector. Moreover, you should stay up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing by reading a Vendasta review, and investing in tools that can improve your operations. Your ability to provide these services will make it easier for your marketing agency to haul in clients and succeed in the industry. 

To provide more details, here’s how best ecommerce developers like yours can offer better solutions for clients operating in eCommerce:

1. Build Your Client’s Social Media Presence

One of the biggest misconceptions businesses have when it comes to social media marketing is to think that creating profiles in different platforms is enough to haul in customers. This is a myth because creating social media profiles that eventually become stale will only produce a negative impression about the business. 

For you to offer better marketing solutions to clients operating through their eCommerce stores, help them build a valuable social media presence. Billions of people use social media every day, which is why creating a strong presence on this platform is crucial. 


Listed below are tips on how you can help your clients effectively build their social media presence:

  • Use the right voice: A successful social media marketing strategy doesn’t solely rely on the platform your clients use – using the right tone in social media is just as important. As a marketing agency, you should help your clients use the right character (consider what your client’s brand sounds like), tone (is the brand humble, insightful or flashy?), and language (does your client communicate clearly with their customers?) when marketing on social media.
  • Share great content: The quality and amount of content your client posts on social media can make or break their online presence, which is why it’s best if you produce four original posts, ten tweets, share three articles from reliable sources and find three interesting quotes on behalf of your client every day.
  • React in real-time: As a marketing agency, you should introduce social media monitoring tools to your clients as this set-up allows them to respond to customer concerns and take part in lively conversations as soon as possible.

2. Improve Or Start Your Client’s Blog

Blogging is no longer new in the eCommerce sector but businesses have successfully utilized this platform to attract customers. If your client has never blogged before or has a blog that’s outdated, it’s best if you work on starting or improving this important component on their behalf. 

According to research, 81% of customers search for products and services online before they decide to buy from a business. This number alone speaks volumes on how important it is for businesses to create a strong online presence. Aside from updating their social media profiles, an informative blog will ensure that your clients will be more visible online.

Here are three tips to help you improve or start your client’s blog:

  • Find a range of content topics: The first thing you should do to improve or start your client’s blog is to find a range of content topics that can be published in the platform. Don’t let your client focus on publishing narrow content as this will only limit their ability to reach out to customers. 

Regardless of the niche of your client, you can encourage them to produce topics on marketing and business strategies, updates and new features, and even interviews with other rising businesses. It’ll be easier for your clients to attract readers with different backgrounds if they’re able to cover a range of topics on their blogs. 

  • Find new voices: As mentioned, content is king when it comes to digital marketing. If your client doesn’t have the skill or spare resource within its current team to write high-quality content for their blog, recommend that they to outsource guest bloggers to write for them. This is a win-win for both parties involved – your client can publish high-quality articles on their blog while the writer will receive publicity.
  • Think about SEO: For your clients to understand how important it is to produce high-quality content on their blog, teaching them about Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps.

    As a marketing agency, you need to let your clients know the importance of using the right keywords on their blog. They should also understand how important it is to use headings, keep their paragraphs short and use high-quality links.

3. Let Them Work With Influencers

Encouraging your clients to work with influencers is another marketing solution to help their businesses stand out in the eCommerce sector. Although not common for all businesses, working with influencers can actually help your clients build trust among online users, enrich their content strategy, and improve their brand awareness. 

If you’re leaning in this direction, make sure to carefully choose influencers you endorse to your clients. As a marketing agency, you should take the time to know whether the influencer’s brand gels with your client’s, and if the two have the same target market. Moreover, the influencer you endorse to your client should also have a large following, and should be active in the industry for several years. 

Welcome Change

Effective marketing solutions change over time– campaigns that were effective in the past might not reap the same results when used today, and the campaigns that are effective today might no longer be effective in the next few years. 

For your business to continually offer the best marketing solutions for clients in the eCommerce sector, always have an open mind to learn and adapt to marketing trends. The business industry and customer’s demands are always changing, which is why your marketing agency should remain innovative. 

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