How to Manage Your Digital Business Like a Pro

There are two parts to making it in any given industry – the tools and the skill to use them. You see, the very fact that nowadays there are multi-million-dollar companies that exist exclusively in the virtual environment and whose employees never meet in person is no short of staggering. In the past, such a thing would be impossible, seeing as how A) internet wasn’t universally available (or even exist before that), B) there were no tools and platforms that will allow for this. Nowadays it’s easy to find and select collaboration tools, IM tools and a wide array of software that you can use for all sorts of tasks. Here are several tips on how to use them effectively.

Start with proper analysis

The presumption that your biggest problem lies in the fact that you’re physically separated from your team is not necessarily true. The performance of your team and their productivity are metrics that are fairly easy to track even without any additional tools on your side. The problem is that you’ll have a hard time getting to know your audience without proper assistance. Without tools like Google Analytics, all that your customers will be is a net plus on your account sheet and an address where to deliver your goods.

With the right analytical tools, you get to learn important things about your audience. You get to see their demographical traits, as well as channels through which they’re reaching your website. Even more importantly, you get to see their on-site activity, which can help you understand them and their interaction with your brand. This can be used to drastically improve the user experience. Finally, you also get a much better chance to keep all the records of your interactions intact for later use and analysis.

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Email marketing

Every email that you manage to add to your mailing list is an invaluable asset that will yield a great ROI in the future. First of all, organically gathered lists consist of people who are probably qualified leads, already. This means that with minimal effort, they may show a surprisingly good conversion rate. To get the most out of it, you should learn how to format your emails, make compelling subject lines, be brief and to the point and learn a thing or two about the use of CTA in emails. When employed correctly, these methods can provide you with ROI as high as 4400 percent. This means that you stand to receive $44 of revenue for every $1 you invest in your email marketing.

Automating your payroll process

As for organizing your team, before they receive their first salary, some people might be skeptical about how legitimate your business is. After all, no matter how trustworthy you sound, it’s not that hard to imagine a digital company from halfway across the world being a hoax. This sometimes makes people reluctant to give you their private information. Still, if you find a trusted and automated method of payment, like personalized payroll cards, you get to send money to your employees in a safer, simpler and more expedient manner. You also get a chance to use this payment method in various industries, from insurance companies to business consulting firms, which is yet another great plus.

Employee monitoring software

Previously we’ve mentioned that it’s easy to see the performance of your employees based on results that they deliver but this is an oversimplified perspective on things. Namely, there are so many reasons why someone might underperform, and dismissing them merely based on a single failure might become a huge potential loss of a valuable employee. With the use of employee monitoring software, you’ll get much more insight into what they’re doing. Moreover, you get to see this without having to ask too many questions and invade on their privacy.

With a more mature remote-work culture emerging, it’s a great time for employers to take a closer look at what a fully remote workforce may entail. One of the most important tools you can rely on in monitoring employee productivity is time tracking app. Know your options by looking at the top 10 best employee monitoring software you can use for your remote team.

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The choice of a collaboration tool

One of the most important choices that you’ll have to make when managing your digital business is one of proper collaboration tools. You need to have all your work in one place. Sure, you can exchange data via a simple tool such as Dropbox, communicate via email and IM software like Viber but wouldn’t it be better and more efficient to have it all in one place? With an adequate collaboration tool, you’ll be able to do just that.

Cloud computing

Finally, with the help of cloud computing, you get to reduce your overhead, enhance collaboration (similarly to what we’ve discussed in a previous paragraph) and reduce the carbon footprint of your business. An online business needs to be available 24/7 and this is much easier with the use of cloud computing. Lastly, with cloud computing, all software updates are automatic, which means that your digital tools will always be up to date and that this process will be a minimal burden for your IT team.

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As you can see, some of these trends are merely there to cut costs, others are there to help improve the level of your organization. Either way, you get a seamless and scalable way to grow your business, as well as satisfy the needs and expectations of both your customers and your own staff.

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