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How to Make the Office a More Pleasant Place to Be

Office a More Pleasant Place to Be

Whether you just moved in or have been treating your office like a second home, it often doesn’t feel like home. In fact, sometimes an office can be uncomfortable and draining and lead to low productivity and disappointing work results. Your environment plays a huge factor in your performance and that is why, with the tips below, you can transform your performance just by transforming your environment.

1.Find the Right Layout

Most offices come with a desk, bookshelf, and chair, but you don’t have to take the layout for granted. The first thing you should do is figure out the setup that works best for you. Try shifting the desk so that it is facing the door if it’s not already. This keeps your work area private and gives you a feeling of control by being able to see the door. If that’s not possible, invest in a rolling chair that spins so you can easily check who’s at the door. Create a separate seating area with extra chairs for your appointments and don’t block the windows with heavy drapes or shelves so you can get as much natural light as possible.

2. Check the Temperature

Have you ever been so cold you can’t think or so hot you don’t want to think? Temperature has a huge effect on productivity and mood. Keep a fan in your office for those days when it gets stuffy and hot, and keep a jacket around for when the AC is too strong or the heat isn’t strong enough. Sometimes a jacket isn’t enough for those cold mornings though, and you may want to invest in a stronger way to keep your office warm. Try installing a heated floor mat under the floor’s surface. This is perfect if you have tile or ceramic which stays cool even on the hottest days. Custom electric in-floor heat will solve the problem of an office that’s too cold to think in and with an installation process of 15 minutes, you don’t have to worry about losing time to work.

3.Lighting Is Everything

Lighting also has a drastic effect on your mood and work results. A dim space may cause a depressed and apathetic feeling, while bright white lights can be overpowering and even painful. Both can negatively affect your work. If the overhead lights in the office are fluorescent, don’t rely on them as your main source of light. Bring in lamps or replace any existing lamp’s bulbs with a warm, soft lightbulb. This will keep your office from feeling harsh and unfriendly. Whenever possible, use as much natural light as the office allows. Your body needs sunshine and if it can absorb a bit through the window, it can boost your mind and your work. Use as many light sources as you need to feel comfortable and productive.

4. Finishing Touches

No matter how much time you spend in it, your office should feel like a second home. Think about what type of space you enjoy spending time in and mimic that with decorations and color schemes. A few options are adding pictures, plants, bookends, your favorite pens and pencils, and any other knickknacks with sentimental value that can be displayed on a shelf or desk. If you have a hard time working in a cluttered space, try sticking with larger items like artwork that you can hang up on the walls or prop on top of a bookshelf. Check out these decorating tips for more ideas.

If you work with a lot of papers, keep your desk as clear as possible to save space. If you spend most of your day on the computer, pick an inspiring desktop background, and use your desk space to place objects or pictures that motivate you and will keep your productivity high. Get creative – if something feels boring, change it up. You only have to keep your decorations for as long as you want to.

Ultimately, your office should be a place for you to be comfortable and productive. Whether this means adding heated floors or switching the position of a chair, take the time to make it yours.


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