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How to Make an Online Poster in Minutes with DesignCap

Often having difficulty in making posters for the publication of your event or activity because of lack of mastery of design applications? If so, now you can take advantage of this online application – DesignCap, to create cool posters in just minutes.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is an online application that can convert your creativity to create attractive poster designs and flyers. With DesignCap, you no longer need to look for design services that sometimes are quite expensive. Besides that, you also don’t need to download any additional software there because you can make an attractive poster design, just with a browser.

How to Make an Online Poster in Minutes with DesignCap

In fact, DesignCap has many advantages for you to use as a flagship design application.

What are the advantages of DesignCap?

1. Has hundreds of templates

To make it easy for you to create good designs, DesignCap has provided hundreds of interesting templates that are ready for you to modify. These templates can be an inspiration for you to make poster designs that look professional for various purposes.

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2. Thousands of resources ready to use

DesignCap also provides thousands of resources, ranging from stock photos, clipart, shapes, fonts, to the background so that your posters and flyers get cooler.

3. Full of customization tools

You can customize all the elements in DesignCap. Imagine, you can edit all text and photos as well as sizes and other settings.

The use of DesignCap is quite easy, and you can edit using a mouse and keyboard like other design applications.

4. Free to use

The most exciting thing about DesignCap, of course, is that it doesn’t require a fee. You don’t even need to register and download the application. All steps can be done through online.

How to make posters with DesignCap?

There are 4 steps you can do to make posters and flyers with DesignCap. Access the DesignCap website at and then do the following steps.

1. Select a template

The first step is to choose a template according to the poster you will make. Whether invitation, advertisement, wedding, holiday and so on, DesignCap provides almost all features to meet your needs. Cool, right?

Make an Online Poster in Minutes with DesignCap

2. Add any element you need

To make your posters more attractive, you can add elements such as photos, clipart, shapes and so on.

The DesignCap Library is quite complete and certainly is able to fulfill your desires. You can even upload your own photos to use as additional elements.

3. Customize at will

DesignCap provides various tools that you can use for editing like a professional. You can change the text font, size, position, color, effect, and alignment, also add a specific background while managing the layer. Guaranteed, the poster that you make will not crisp.

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4. Save

When you have finished your design, you can save it, print it or share it via social media channels. If you have registered for an account and logged in, you can even save a project in the cloud and then return to re-edit it in the future.

Make an Online Poster in Minutes with DesignCap


DesignCap can be an excellent alternative to other design application that you usually use to create posters or flyers for its ease of use and simplicity. Moreover, you can use DesignCap online without having to install an application. The best of all, you can use DesignCap completely free.


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