How to make money in GTA Online?

Each GTA Online update adds more cars, vehicles, and land to the game. But the best costs so much money that getting it without a gift seems unattainable. After all, if you don’t play for days on end, it’s unlikely you’ll amass at least $100 million in a short time. However, there are alternatives to save time and earn a lot of money. As described in this article.

How to farm for an apartment in GTA Online

This chapter is for new GTA Online players who are getting acquainted to the game. If you’ve previously passed this step, you may go on to the next. The first thing you need to do is create an account, or buy a game account if you don’t have one.

We will get money by maximizing the game. This is where GTA Online shines. To lead them, you must first buy a high-end apartment for at least $200,000 and achieve the character’s 12th level. Focus on assignments that yield double experience and incentives to maximize this process. These tasks vary every week, and you’ll be told when GTA Online loads on the first two or three slides. This information is also available on the Rockstar website’s news feed. With a decent mode, we can earn $200k and the 12th level in a few hours.

The missions themselves are the next phase. Rockstar pays off well for a sequence of iconic heists. Many influences in the ultimate score. The most critical is the difficulty level. We’ll play on easy or medium to save time and die a few times throughout the task. We won’t be able to carry enough heavy body armor with us, thus avoiding deaths will be challenging, and the gain from finishing a difficult level isn’t worth the time spent restarting with every accidental fatality. You may attempt if you feel confident.

Completing all robberies will get us around $600,000-700,000. For the first time, you will be paid an extra million dollars. You’ll get another million bucks if you can locate a permanent crew of four to finish the job, chains. Getting the accomplishment “Genius of the Underworld” is perfect. To accomplish this, you must complete all robberies at maximum difficulty without dying. But for novices, attempt to make at least $2 million for the first passes. This is enough to continue fast farming money in GTA Online.

GTA Online’s quickest farm – El Rubio

With the Cayo Perico Heist update, Rockstar has made money farming in GTA Online much simpler. Once mastered, you may withdraw an average of $1.1 million every day. Preparation and execution of the heist will take roughly an hour and a half, assuming all procedures are optimized. That means, after three hours of gameplay, you can afford a supercar and earn money to enhance it. Just to be clear, there are no legal methods to farm quicker in GTA Online without a fee.

Our budget is $2.4 million, of which $2.2 million will go towards the Kosatka submarine, and $200 thousand will go towards the cheapest clubhouse for a motorcycle club.

Reconnaissance is the first, We swim behind the El Rubio estate, dive, and locate another entrance point – a sewage tunnel. We return to Los Santos and plot a heist. It’s not required to complete all missions, but here’s what we need:

Submarine Kosatka for delivery

Equipment: safe code or plasma cutter (depending on the robbery’s purpose), fingerprint duplicator, cutter;

The key thing is to acquire silencers.

We don’t need anything extra as the ultimate objective is stealth. The island and complex are entered through the sewage tunnel, and exited by the central dock. If you are in the early phases of the heist, die and reset – there is no purpose in attempting to get past the guards. The guards will have pistols instead of rifles and shotguns, so you may disable both weapons and armor if you want to avoid being caught later (the guards will be without body armor).

The Cayo Perico heist may be repeated indefinitely – simply wait for Pavel’s call. This normally occurs 5-10 minutes after leaving the island.

Invest intelligently

If you are happy with the speed and difficulty of farming, you may start spending your earnings on numerous bonuses. But there are a few things you can do to prepare for the El Rubio theft and other methods to farm on the map if you become weary of Cayo Perico.

The money should be spent on Kosatka’s Sparrow helicopter and weapons ($2.215 million). To swiftly go about the area, do objectives, and return to the submarine. The helicopter is always accessible on Kosatka, and missiles are helpful if you need to kill someone. Guided missiles are another valuable enhancement. It’s $1.9 million and will help us save time on the weapon loadout setup task. If you find the Merryweather helicopter monitoring option, manoeuvre the Kosatka near enough to kill it with a missile to fail the operation. Then take the Sparrow, fly to the roof, and save 10 minutes or more.

The almost $4 million Oppressor Mk II Flying Bike is another amazing buy. A townhouse is the finest place to park this automobile in GTA Online. It will be supplied promptly through the motorcycle club menu, and it will entirely replenish your health bar if used often (and you will, because this is the coolest vehicle in the game). However, you will need to spend a few more a million dollars in one of the garages where the Terrorbyte armored automobile may be kept, as well as a workshop for it. Then it becomes the primary imboy in GTA Online.

Then comes the business for the biker club and the bunker. The bunker is the most profitable, followed by the warehouse, laboratory, print shop, hydroponic business, and fraudulent papers. But you need to provide raw materials, wait for the product to accumulate, sell it, and so on. Moreover, the product accumulation happens only while you are online. After the El Rubio theft, this is the quickest and simplest method to farm with a fully upgraded Oppressor Mk II. So, if you’re sick of it all, you may fly over the area transporting raw materials and selling the finished items. But it’s not as profitable as Cayo Perico visits – you’ll get approximately $200,000 per hour if you buy up all the companies.

Modes, NPC missions, and passive income

There are many more methods to gain money in GTA Online, but they aren’t worth describing in depth. The organization menu, a motorcycle club, a hangar and so on may all have paid assignments. But accessing them will need costly technology and real land, and the profit will not be high enough to compete with the Cayo Perico heist.

Then you may spend in these activities if you don’t want to try every automobile in the game. Meanwhile, you may try out other options, some of which you may appreciate. Rockstar will eventually quadruple your rewards (bonus modes vary every week), allowing you to harvest quicker while still having fun. NPC quests are the same. You may discover stuff on the map, kill targets, transport equipment, steal automobiles, and so on, but don’t anticipate huge gains. And El Rubio will continually restock his stockpile, so you may come back and make simple money.

Our tutorial on how to earn money in GTA 5 online has come to an end, so thanks for reading! If you need GTA accounts for sale, feel free to contact us!

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