How to make a ride-sharing app like Gett, Juno & Uber?

Life, as we know, is changing at a very rapid phase. Our dependence on technology is increasing. Amid all the flurry of reviews and criticisms, we cannot deny the fact that it has impacted our lives in a positive way. Mobiles and mobile phone applications have played a crucial role in making our lives easier. All it takes is a few taps to make things happen.

One of the important things that become so easy after the advent of mobile phones is the commute. On-demand ride-hailing apps have revolutionized the way we travel. There was a time when one player dominated the entire sector. However, a lot brands entered the game owing to the huge potential for growth and profits – estimates put the size of the ride-hailing industry at $200 billion by 2020. Here are some parameters that need to be taken into consideration while developing ride-sharing apps.

Ridesharing App – In Detail

The first thing that you need to know is that ridesharing is different from booking a taxi. The significant difference would be that a ridesharing app will allow the driver to host a ride. So the ride that the user is booking will not be a private one. There will be fellow riders who will be heading to the same destination or to someplace in the same route. The entire taxi fare will be split among the riders, depending on the point of boarding and alighting. All the major players in the industry have the ridesharing feature in their mobile applications

Working of Ridesharing App

The working of a ridesharing app is not that different from other on-demand ride-hailing apps. First, the users will have to select the ridesharing option in the application while booking the ride. Based on the matches that are available in the nearby locality, the ride will be booked. In most of the cases, the riders who are heading to the same location or any location along the way will be sharing the ride. There is an option called hosting which allows the users to broadcast their pickup and drop location. Interested riders can share the ride with them. The cab will pick up riders from different points and drop them in the respective drop locations. The payment can be made in any form. The payment will be split among the riders, based on the distance traveled. Each rider will have the option to rate the services availed.

Ride-Sharing App – The Making

Developing a taxi booking app might sound simple. However, there are a lot of technical and creative aspects that go into it. The application should be a convergence of state-of-the-art coding, intuitive design, and features that add an appeal to your product. using available technologies like maps, GPS and notifications should also be considered to make your app more exciting and robust

App Features

Like every on-demand ride-hailing app, a ride-sharing app has three important entities. They are the passenger app, driver app, and admin dashboard. Each will have different features that serve the required purposes.

Passenger App Features

The success of your business depends on how friendly the passenger app is when it comes to usability and access. There are certain features that can be considered the bad minimum for your business to function.

  • The passenger should be able to book their ride without hassle. The app should take care to pinpoint the location of the user. Additionally, the account can also contain information about the usual and frequent pickup points of that particular user. 
  • The passenger should be able to track the progress of the driver, and should also be able to send the status of their drive to their loved ones. For this purpose, continuous tracking is essential.
  • The passenger should be continuously notified about the progress of the trip like a driver accepting the request, the commencement and the end of a trip.
  • The passenger should also be able to give reviews and ratings to the driver based on their experience of the drive.

Driver App Features

The driver is the one who facilitates the flow of revenue for the company. It is important to ensure that the driver feels comfortable not only with the company that also with the app.

  • The driver should have the freedom to accept or reject ride-requests.
  • Driver should be assisted with navigation to the customers’ pickup spot and also to the destination.
  • The driver should be able to quickly encash their earnings if the payments are made digitally.
  • As much as the passenger, the driver should also be able to provide reviews and ratings for the users.
  • The driver should also have a facility for optimizing their ride. This would mean that the last ride of the day can be requested to be in line with their home location. 

Admin Dashboard Features

The admin is the one who has complete control over the app. They can access the complete details of all the rides that are taken or offered. The admin dashboard has some of the most important features. 

  • The administrator can oversee the functioning of the app. They control the dispatch, the rates and the cash flow of the app.
  • The administrator can generate quick reports on the number of rides taken by a driver for a passenger. This will help them make informed decisions about the next steps.
  • The administrator can delete or disable uses for drivers in case of malicious behavior.
  • The administrator can control the payments to the drivers. They can also access the communication on a chat between drivers and passengers.

Other Critical Aspects

Not just the ridesharing app, any app for that matter is not just about the features and the technology involved in it. The aesthetics of the app also plays a very important role. User interface and experience must be given adequate importance. The simplest things like placing the proper tabs in the right position also have a considerable impact. Any user should not find it difficult to navigate. Making things easy for customers, drivers, and administrators should always be the top priority. 

To Conclude

Rather than opting to create an app from scratch, it is advisable to prefer app clones. Availing Uber clone development services from companies presents and economically viable and a quick option to hit the market. These clone apps can also be customized according to the demands. For all the aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start a ride-sharing service, using app clones will be one of the wisest decisions you can make. There are no second thoughts on the fact because of a considerable amount of time and money that is saved. 

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