How to increase points in campus commune

You may be knowing that TCS may consider your points in “TCS CAMPUS COMMUNE” for the selection process. These points are also useful when seeking a job in TCS. Let’s see how you can gain points easily.

You first need to know what are the features of campus commune Here they are:

Features of Campus Commune :

  1. Ask questions on your areas of interest and gain knowledge from experts.
  2. Attempt to complete the challenges like solving puzzles and crosswords.
  3. Know about the company and what they exactly do there.

After knowing the importance of points you earn in the Campus Commune we now want to know to get it in the fastest way.

How to get points in Campus Commune

increase points in campus commune

Here are some good tips on how to get points in Campus Commune.

  1. For each question, you answer you will get 2 points and for each ‘like’ you receive 1 point.
  2. Try to study more about the concepts to make your answer in a satisfactory manner.
  3. Like the answer that inspired you the most.
  4. If u VOTE any answer u get 1 point for each one.
  5. If u get VOTE on any answer u get 1 point for each one.
  6. Add comment and get 2 points.
  7. If u Ask any Question u get 1 point for each one.

In order to see the increased points keep Refreshing the homepage of campus commune and check your points.

Note: Don’t ever do all the above-mentioned tricks in bulk. I mean don’t add spam messages and comments to campus commune otherwise your account may be blocked. I will not be responsible for any loss, please.

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