How to Increase Your Blogging Productivity

Blogging as with any other type of writing or creative work requires you to be productive and to utilize your resources effectively. One of the things that most bloggers forget when it comes to getting their blog posts done punctually and efficiently is that as a person, we are all privy to all sorts of distractions.

Blogging isn’t a routine job, but that’s what makes it fun. Nothing is ever the same around a blog, and you could spend hours responding to comments and giving advice based on one of your posts.

The ease with which a blogger can get distracted from their main aim is amazingly easy. It doesn’t help that the average blogger is usually thinking about a million things every minute anyway. To allow your blog to grow and be interesting, you need to update your content regularly.

Increase Your Blogging Productivity

In order to do so, you need to put aside some time every day towards producing content, time that you shouldn’t dedicate to anything else.

Tips to Increase Blogging productivity

Here are a few tips that we feel are pertinent to helping you as a blogger reclaim your productivity.

1. Manage Your Time 

One of the most useful skills an adult can have is time management, but this is even truer for a blogger. With the sheer amount of information that bloggers have to sift through daily along with their critiques of information and news or other things happening that are relevant to your audience, it is very easy to get drawn into a discussion or start following a story that eats up your time.

The truth of the matter is that unless you are a blogger that requires yourself to be up-to-the-minute about everything, then you can afford to take a half an hour to an hour downtime in order to write and edit a blog post.

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Managing your time efficiently allows you to juggle your blog and all the other responsibilities you may have in the real world. You cant let your blog dictate your life, but one of the best things about being a blogger is that you can dictate your own schedule.

Manage Your Time with blogging

You should capitalize on this to pencil in time for the things you need to do, but not them overwhelm your entire schedule. Probably the most pertinent advice for any blogger as far as time management is concerned is to stop wasting time on social media. Use it, love it, but dont let it become a time sink.

2. Isolate Yourself When Necessary

This doesn’t mean that when someone disagrees with your opinion you run offline and pretend it never happened. For productivity to increase, you need to cut out distractions. Isolating yourself from the constant machinery that is the internet is one of the most effective ways to cut out your distractions. Having a time set aside each day where you dedicate to writing is the most effective method of narrowing down the things that could draw you away from the task at hand.

Getting a word processor which isolates you from the desktop completely is a good start since a writing tool such as this removes everything that is not beneficial to your productivity completely. Staying away from IM clients and social media for that stipulated writing time is important to ensuring that you get your writing done on time.

3. Prioritize the tasks while blogging

There are certain things that need to be done and then there are things that you want to do. The necessity of an item should take precedence over the want of getting something done. The simple explanation for this is because by prioritizing, you are giving your most productive hours to the things that need to get done.

Prioritize the tasks to increase blogging productivity

Once these things are taken care of, you can invest the rest of your time in things that you want to get done without fear of having one of those necessary items cropping up inadvertently and stealing your time away.

Bloggers that can multitask have an advantage over those of us who cant because they can utilize their time more effectively while completing more than a single task at one time. This allows them to get more done in less time and frees up far more time for them to do what they want to do. Again, as a blogger, it falls to you to arrange your time so that the most work gets done.

4. Utilize YouTube 

Generally, one wouldn’t advocate YouTube as a source. But for understanding basic principles or getting a wide range of opinions on a subject, it simply cant be beat. The upside to this is that while a YouTube video is running in the background, you can find yourself occupied in the foreground with something totally different.

This can be extremely useful when you have real-world stuff that needs to be taken care of, but still need a good idea of what the points of view on a particular topic are. YouTube is great for giving you opposing points of view, but you should be warned that YouTube vloggers are notoriously good at swaying people to their point of view. Always maintain your impartiality, especially if its a topic that could cause a potential flame war.

Utilize social media and youtube

Your opinion does count, but you should be aware of both sides of an issue before formulating your opinion. Listening to one video doesn’t make you an expert on the topic, neither is listening to ten videos with the same direction of bias. Both sides need to be considered before you can safely draw a conclusion.


Overall, the final decision as to what works best for your productivity comes down to you. Once you are able to manage your time properly, all the rest of these things will automatically fall into place. You have to keep in mind that blogging is a part time thing for most of us and if we plan to be among the bloggers that can start using it as a form of income, we have to be able to make it an important part of our lives. Productivity is essential to making your blog something that people will come back to read regularly.

You have to have new content and updated opinions based on new information. You have to be flexible and understanding but at the same time seek out the truth unerringly. City Web Company is a great resource for blog management services that you can utilize to make your blog more interesting and help manage your time better. Contact us today to get more information on our services!

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