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How to Handle Your E-Commerce Site’s Endpoint Management

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Endpoint security is an important process for all companies that do business online. Proper entry point management requires a business to create a plan to secure any device that receives or sends communications within their network. Such endpoint devices include workstations, laptops, smartphones, tablets, POS systems, and servers. Check out Carbon Black for endpoint security solutions, enterprise level antivirus software, & ransomware detection.

What is Proper Endpoint Security for E-Commerce?

Endpoint security will determine how easy it is for a hacker to break into your site as most breaches begin with the endpoint. Statistics show that 79% of all successful breaches start at the endpoint. Consider improving your endpoint security with the following tips:

1. Recognize Vulnerable Entry Points

Proper entry point management requires that all vulnerable entry points are secured. Experts estimate that 30% of most organization’s entry points are unsecured, which poses a risk for potential data breaches. Start securing your entry points by first identifying where they’re most susceptible. By taking an inventory of a company’s endpoints including every device or piece of equipment that has access to the Internet. The most vulnerable endpoints include employees’ personal printers and laptops to company-owned devices like fax machines and the like. Take note of what type of protection is used for each device and start adopting more secure methods for these vulnerable entry points as soon as possible.

2. Properly Vet All Vendors

Another step to take to improve endpoint security is to properly vet all vendors and their products before using them. It’s common for most business owners to want to start integrating the latest technology into their workflow, but using equipment that has poor security protocols will backfire. When working with a new vendor or looking into new technology, be sure to ask providers about what security measures are put in place to reduce security risks. Make it a point to only work with applications, equipment, and vendors that prioritize endpoint security as well.

3. Monitor User and Asset Management

User and asset management is another aspect of endpoint security that businesses should consider. Assess the level of access that each of your employees has. Employees that use work devices with administrative access may download any application they want. While this may not seem like a problem, various applications can leave your system susceptible to new threats. Limiting the access each employee has will help protect the security of your e-commerce site.

Likewise, older devices face the same type of risk of a breach. It’s easier for hackers to break into outdated technology that has lacking security protocols. Avoid this type of scenario by investing in improved asset management tools. With proper asset management, you’ll be able to replace any weak technology and equipment in your business.

4. Remember IoT Security

IoT (the Internet of Things) is another factor when it comes to protecting your entry points. Statistics show that there are over 30 billion connected IoT devices. These everyday objects like locks, smart plugs, and the like can now receive and send data, making them potentially hackable entry points. While IoT helps create a smarter, more interconnected workplace, it can also put workplaces at risk. Securing these devices is the best option to protect your workplace and data. Proper protection for IoT devices can include setting passwords, creating separate networks, updating firmware, and similar methods to keep your data as secure as possible.

5. Educate Team Members on Endpoint Security

Endpoint security shouldn’t be the responsibility of one person in your team; all team members need to be properly educated on proper endpoint security. Any failure to understand the importance of proper endpoint security is opening up your business to a potential security breach. Teach executive leadership and employees the importance of proper endpoint management by sharing facts and figures related to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Remind your team that anything that has Internet access needs to be adequately protected.

Endpoint security may seem like an excessive protective measure to take, but it is an essential one. Proper endpoint security will protect your business from breaches and similar threats online. Use this guide to make sure your endpoints are properly protected as you shore up the security for your e-commerce site.


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