How to Find Product Idea with Customer Feedback ?

Everyone wants to develop products that sell. However, sitting down to think of a product that people will like is mere guesswork. It would be best if you got facts and figures. The best way to ensure success in your business is to develop your product idea from existing data and trends. 

You can get this data from different sources, but the most reliable source is directly from the customers. So, why is customer feedback essential, and how can you use it to develop product ideas? All these will be discussed in this article.

How Important Are Customers’ Feedbacks ?

After developing your product, it may seem all good to you, but the users are in the best position to tell how good it is. Getting feedback from customers can help a business in the following areas:

  • Provides an honest review of the product ;
  • Identify flaws and areas of improvement ;
  • Measure customers’ satisfaction ;
  • Helps in making business decisions ;
  • Create a good customer experience.

How to Use Customers Feedback to Develop Product Ideas

The customers’ feedback can be used to find product ideas in the following ways:

Provides Understanding of Customers Need

With feedback from customers, you can determine what the consumers want and what they don’t want. Reading feedback on different products will let you know the products that satisfy the users. What consumers see as great features and what they want to be improved. Based on that information, you can develop a product that will solve all the problems customers complain of and meet their needs.

Customer feedback will let you know what is trending and what will likely trend soon. This can give ideas of the kind of products that will sell fast. It is always good to go into a business just before it starts trending.

Will Help You Make Informed Business Decision

Customers’ feedback can serve as a source of reliable data for making business decisions. You can use it to estimate the number of customers interested in a particular product and guide you in making decisions about the product.

Now let’s look at the different ways to get customers feedback 

Ways to Get customers’ feedback

Here are some common ways to get feedback from consumers:

Through Email and Social Media Surveys: You can create a survey on social media. You can also use social media to share the link to your survey. In that case, you will be able to put the link on many social media platforms. You can also send out surveys to your customers through emails.

Create Feedback Box on Your Product Page

Let users know that their feedback is essential and give them a chance to give feedback. Make it easy to provide feedback so that your customers will not be discouraged.

Pay for Feedback

You can motivate customers to give feedback by making an offer for it. This may be in terms of discount, wallet money, or any other incentive.

Get Feedback from Dedicated Platforms

Some platforms are dedicated to customers’ feedback. You can read feedback from those platforms to get product ideas. You can visit Harvestr to learn how to improve your product via customer feedback.

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