How to Excel at Your New Job Working Outdoors

Working outdoors typically comes with conditions that are less than ideal. However, if you know how to handle the heat, lack of air conditioning, and natural elements such as wildlife and wind, then the tradeoffs can be worth it. This blog post will give tips on how to excel at your new job working outdoors by adjusting your work habits and wardrobe.

Working outdoors is often not optimal due to harsh weather conditions like heat, humidity, and poor air quality from high pollution levels or allergens. This can make conditions trying at times, but there are some things you can do to help yourself feel more comfortable throughout the day.

Diet & Hydration

It’s essential to drink plenty of water throughout the day. If possible, consume water before you start working, during a break, and after your work is finished for the day. By staying hydrated throughout your day, you will be able to stay more alert than if you let yourself become dehydrated.

Your diet will give you the necessary energy to make it through your days without falling asleep at your desk or passing out in the sun. It’s crucial to remember foods like fruits, vegetables, and protein will provide you with the energy needed throughout the day. You should also try to ensure that you’re getting enough nutrition from foods like grains, beans, and nuts, as these will provide you with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals necessary for keeping yourself healthy.


Planning is the root of making adjustments to your work habits and wardrobe. One thing you will want to do is have a change bag that’s ready and waiting for you in your car, truck, or van. The change bag should have things like an extra pair of socks, an extra shirt, an extra pair of pants, and underwear. Make sure the bag also has hand wipes and sunscreen. After you’re done with your job, all you have to do is grab the change bag and head to the nearest public restroom to change into a fresh set of clothes.

Consider using body powder for men that absorb sweat during the day and erase odor. This will help you work better and comfortably, as well as help you stay more presentable in front of clients.


Your attire should be smart, functional, and appropriate. This can mean wearing a suit or a sweater that is light and breathable, as well as having the proper footwear that is durable and comfortable. You should also pay attention to the temperature of your clothing by looking at how much air passes through your shirt, pants, or jacket on a particular day.

The material the clothing is made from will also determine just how well your clothing will keep you cool and comfortable. For example, cotton becomes hot in humid weather, and if you have to wear it all day long, you will be miserable. Instead, look for clothing that is made of a material like synthetic or wool that won’t trap heat and will keep you cooler than cotton.

You can successfully handle working conditions outdoors by picking the right attire and planning. Most of all, you will be able to work efficiently throughout your day.

Sun Safety

The sun can be incredibly harsh. The best way to protect yourself from UV rays is sunscreen and a hat or cap. You should also try to stick to areas with lots of trees that can provide shade that will keep you cool during the day.

Sunscreen should be applied according to the instructions that come with it on how to apply. This will ensure you don’t get any burns or other skin issues after a long workday. You can also wear your sunglasses to help protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. Working outdoors isn’t always the most comfortable thing, but if you know what to do and look for, you can make it much more bearable.


You can work comfortably outdoors by planning, applying sunscreen, wearing the right clothing, and eating nutritiously. It will also be a good idea to wear a hat or buy one if you’re working outside for an extended period. As long as you plan and know what to do, you should be able to handle your time outdoors easily.

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