How to Easily Manage and Secure Your Passwords

If you use numerous accounts and feel puzzled how to manage and secure passwords, then here we have discussed a few easy hacks. It includes making behavior changes and using third-party password manager tools that will help you deal with the password security issues. So without further delay, let’s discuss a few quick tips to keep your passwords safe no matter on which device you are.

Use Lengthy Passwords

The first quick tip to keep your passwords secure is to keep them long enough to make it tough to break for anyone. Keeping passwords like your date of birth, nickname, home town, etc. make it easy for criminals to break your password security.

Furthermore, if you make passwords 4-5 characters long, then this again a bad practice that may cause you dearly. Here, you should use at least 8 characters long password with a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. It should also include capital letters to make it complicated enough to break.

Use Best Password Manager Tools

While you use tons of accounts online and offline, it becomes important to create and store passwords in the most secure manner. To do this, you can use best password manager tools that work on smart algorithms to help you generate and store passwords securely. While there are tons of these tools available, TweakPass could be one of the best solutions that help you keep your password safe in a secure vault.

This vault remains password protected and encrypted for comprehensive security. Its smart password generator feature helps you generate strong passwords insistently in a secure manner. As it works automatically, it also saves lot of your time and reduces manual intervention.

Keep it Unique

Next thing you should do to manage and secure your passwords is to keep them unique. Here, you shouldn’t follow old school practice of keeping most passwords same to avoid situations where you find it hard to remember them. Most people keep passwords same for most of their accounts, thus in case a password is compromised for a particular account, then the safety of other accounts will also be in risk.

Thus, the best thing you should do is to keep all your passwords unique and strong for individual accounts. To avoid hassle, you can use best password manager tools to generate and store multiple passwords.

Don’t Share Passwords with Others

Another quick security tip is to avoid sharing passwords with others. If you are one of those guys who share system with others, then prefer to create guest account for other users and keep your password secure.

You shouldn’t share your password with others to avoid trouble of creating guest account, as it could cause serious problems for you. In addition to that, you shouldn’t write passwords on random locations which could be compromised easily. Instead, always keep passwords in secure vault for complete security.

Don’t Use Real Words

As we discussed, don’t use words that could be easily guessed like your nickname, your pet’s name, etc. Instead create a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters to make it the complex password to guess. Here, you shouldn’t use real names, proper nouns or dictionary words to avoid unnecessary trouble.

In case you are using such words, then modify them by inserting additional numbers or letters in between them. For example, if your pet’s name is BRAVO and you want to use it as a password, then you can modify it as B*RA!VO# etc.

Never Use Personal Information

This is we already discussed, but still it worth mentioning separately. Here, you shouldn’t use personal information like birth dates, pet names, school name, spouse name, or similar passwords that could be easily guessed. This simple trick will help you avoid unnecessary trouble for you. Still, if you want to use these terms for passwords, then modify them as we discussed above.


Now you must be aware of a few simple yet effective ways to manage and secure your passwords in an effortless manner. Here, using best password manager tools is one of the best ways to manage and protect your passwords efficiently. In addition to these steps, if you have tried something else to protect your passwords, then feel free to share in the comments below.

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