How To Do Search Engine Optimization For A Local Business

A business can be on a local, national and global level.  In the digital era, businesses need an online presence via organic and paid techniques. When businesses need an instant boost, Google Ads (Paid advertisement) is the best option. However, when you adopt the organic technique to rank your business website on Google, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the alternative.  

It is one of the digital marketing tools to reach the target audience via optimizing a business website for a set of keywords.  When it comes to local business, the SEO strategy differs from that of a national or global level.

Around 90% of the consumers search local businesses online and local SEO is the best tool to attract them for conversion. Here are some effective online strategies for a local business.

Website Auditing:

Before you start optimizing your website for the search engine, you need to figure out the current status of the website. Conduct an on-page and off-page audit to ascertain what improvements are needed on a priority basis. Several tools conspicuously show the details of your website like on-page factors, backlink profile, website loading speed, etc. Once you are aware of the position of your site, you can strategize to fix the issues before optimization. In simple words, you need to run an SEO check of your website to understand the loopholes and things you need to work on.d

List The Business In Local Directories:

Extensive research is the basis of SEO.  On every step, you need to deeply analyze and research the ways to shine online. For a local business, you need to make a repository of local directories and start listing the business online. This gives your business a local online presence. Remember to maintain the NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) consistency.   Use headline, description, geo-based keywords, and tags as the main elements of a local directory listing. 

Create Local Landing Pages:

If the website lacks a localized landing page, you need to add pages with URLs having the local keywords. Like for a local coffee shop, the page URL should be The probability of search engine ranking increases with such optimized pages. Moreover, the page should have detailed content on the coffee shop facilities, types of coffee served, and why it is preferred by the customers. More detailed and valuable your content is, the search engine places it on top of the SERP.   

Google Business Profile Listing:

Get your local business listed on your Google business profile (earlier known as Google My Business). You need the name, address, and phone number of the business. Create a listing and get it verified by Google through a postcard or email verification. It confirms and establishes your search engine presence. Post updates regularly on what you offer, promotions, discounts, etc. Post the interior and exterior photos of the business premises for authenticity. 

Positive Customer Reviews:

Positive reviews on Google and local listing websites are a signal to the search engine to prioritize ranking for the business. Request your clients/customers to drop a review across directory platforms, and social media. Try to give them alluring offers to post authentic reviews and participation in referrals programs.  

Stay visible and connect better with your local customers. 

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