How to Create Video Advertising Campaigns for Your Business?

Videos are known to create a powerful impact in the digital marketing world. They are highly effective in attracting an audience and increasing user engagement. The more engagement there is on your channel, there are more chances of successful conversions. Although television marketing is not as popular as it used to be, video marketing through online channels is thriving and is highly effective. 

Video marketing may be the perfect way to convert your online leads, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Firstly, it requires certain skills and expertise that you can only acquire through training and experience. Secondly, your video should be aligned with your brand’s vision. The best videos are those that integrate all the elements of your brand into one composite form. 

Our article today gives marketers insights into creating the best video advertising campaigns for their business. 

1. Pay Attention to The Script 

The script of your video plays a big role in how others will perceive your video. A good video script has four elements. Dive in and give it a read!

  • Catchy opening lines: The first impression is definitely the last impression, especially when it comes to video scripts. If you have a powerful opening, then there are chances that the rest of your video will be viewed as well. 
  • Discuss the problem: Every product or service is trying to solve a problem. However, sometimes the problem is not very clear, which might make the video irrelevant for a lot of people. You should not only be able to identify the problem but also be in tune with other people’s issues. 
  • Present a solution: Naturally, if you are sharing a problem, the next part of the video must be related to the solution. At this point, let the viewers know how your product is better than the one that is already in the market and how you can provide value to the customers. 
  • Relevant Call-to-action (CTA): A valuable CTA at the end of the video can help to achieve a direct response from the customers. Embedding a CTA within a video can help to build your brand and allow you to generate sales as well. At the same time, it won’t seem too forced as well. 

2. Video Duration

The timing of the video plays a crucial role in determining the engagement. Did you know that most viewers don’t watch videos for more than a minute! This is why the most successful videos fall in between the 30-60 second time frame. However, the real challenge is putting in all your content within that time duration. Even if the first five seconds are truly captivating for the viewer, what chance is that they will stick around to watch your video if it exceeds the 60-second margin. 

People want entertainment, and they want it to be quick. Put yourself in a similar situation, wouldn’t you want to watch a small video that fulfills the purpose rather than a long boring video that has all the information crowded towards the last few seconds? Therefore, it is best to stick to important information in a clear and concise video that ranged in between 30-6o seconds. 

Think about it like this, you are scrolling your Facebook feed, and you come across a video titled 7 quick carpet cleaning hacks, and even though the title is interesting, the video is 10 minutes long. Would you watch it? Probably not! Therefore, marketers must be smart and squeeze in all the information in the 30 – 60-second time frame. 

3. Plan When to Release the Video

An important factor in social media is when the video is being released. Marketing over the past few years has become intent-based, which makes sense that more and more attention is being paid to targeting the right audience. One way to do this is to release your content specifically at a time when your target audience is online. You might be aware that there are certain times on social media when the audience engagement in high. The timings may differ on different social media platforms as well. 

For example, LinkedIn might have more visitors during working hours, whereas Facebook is completely opposite. There are more chances that your video will go viral organically if you plan out the timings strategically. Even if you are not aiming for it to go viral, a video released at a better time is a good chance for you to generate higher views. You can also work on a strategy to do the video release on all your online platforms at the same time to increase the impact. Working through “intent-based” marketing has higher chances of generating leads and converting them successfully. 

4. Create Content That Is Modular

If you plan to release your video on several platforms, do make sure that it connects with each other. A good plan of action is to break down your video into meaningful chunks and target it to the right audience on different social media platforms. Smaller chunks are easier to digest and have more impact on the audience. For example, if you have a 5-minute video that might be too long to post on social media so what you can do is create a shorter 30-second clip that eventually leads people to the 5-minute long video on the website or on YouTube. This way, you have created the hype for the video, and you will also be increasing the number of visitors on your website. A win-win for your brand!

Take-Home Message

It is a tried and tested formula that video ads are much more powerful as compared to text-based content and have a higher rate of conversion too. Video ad campaigns that are successful will help to attract hundreds of people to your social media pages, and if you get lucky, you may even be able to generate thousands of views. If you are able to follow the steps listed above successfully, there is a high chance that your video ads will garner a lot of views. If you are still unsure of how to go about it, you can contact a digital marketing agency or take expert opinion in this regard.

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