How to Create Captivating Content for Your Business Website

There’s a lot to consider when creating content for your business’s website. Getting people to find your work in the first place is one thing, but getting them to keep reading is another.

While it is important to get as many readers as you can, writing something that is palatable, interesting, and offers something to readers is much more difficult to achieve. However, the key to success for a business website is focusing on making quality content. This will not only bring praise to your website, but your content will get shared by those who enjoyed it. This in turn means your business will get more word of mouth, and who doesn’t love widespread coverage?

Read our list of ways you can capture an audience, and keep readers interested in your content.

Think outside the box

This is easier said than done, but some may not actually realize that thinking up new ways to write is the best way to capture the attention of new and old readers.

Let’s say you’re promoting apples, for example. You want to detail how delicious they taste, not describe how they look. Think up a creative story that makes your readers crave the taste of a juicy apple. Think of a fun way to promote products rather than relying on techniques you have used before or boring descriptions.

Think carefully about SEO

Utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the right way means you can drive more traffic to your site and get readers hooked. SEO is a group of tactics that are designed to get your writing ranked highly on search engines. By using keywords that relate to your content, you will boost the likelihood that people searching for your type of content will find you.

SEO is not every company’s strong point. If that’s the case, this Columbus SEO Agency is a great service for helping you understand these tactics and getting your articles and website content available to a larger audience.

Use and abuse your synonyms

You can really bring a piece of writing to life and make it resonate with audiences just by using a creative choice of words. However, remember to be mindful of how your new synonym word choices flow in each sentence. Out of place words can make a good piece of writing suddenly seem disjointed, like you’re trying to hard to sound impressive. Instead, focus on subbing out words like “good” with other, less expected descriptors.

Use sub-headings

Headlines improve readability and SEO, especially on sites like WordPress. They also help readers digest the piece of writing better. Our attention spans are a lot shorter than they used to be, and many people are likely to skim through a piece. Sub-headings will guide readers and break up your writing into manageable chunks. This way, readers are more comfortable reading your work, and more likely to finish the entire article.

Always use an image

One image at least. The more, the merrier. Of course, don’t go overboard, but if you can use one image for each sub-heading then you’re on the right track. It’s even better if it’s your own image, but not many of us are great with a camera or have time to take amazing pictures.

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Sites such as Pexels, Pixaby and Flickr are ideal stock photo websites, as well as Adobe Stock. Wherever you get your image from, just make sure you can use it, and there are no copyright issues with the image. Your featured image is also pretty important as it’ll be the one that represents your piece, so make sure you put a fair bit of thought into what it will be.

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