How To Choose The Best Photo Booth Rentals For Your Wedding.

The tips to choosing a good or even the best photo booth rentals for your wedding are somewhat similar to ensuring you get exactly what you ordered over the night and even more similar to choosing the wedding planner if you did. These steps are highlighted below.

1.   Ask for Recommendations

A friend who just recently got married and had a photo booth might be able to recommend the Photo Booth Rental company that got hers if they were that good. Spreads the word, you should get a couple of names down.

2.   Research Extensively

do your research on the names you got, check customer reviews, discuss with your partner or wedding planner and then go ahead to check out their booths.

3.   Have a theme in mind

before going ahead with the step before things, have a selected theme because photo booths come in all shapes and sizes and themes and colors.  If you’d like a chick photo booth, request it, if you would rather go for something goofy with a lot of props, explore your options.

4.   Check the booth

thoroughly inspect the photo booth to ensure it isn’t torn or worn out from use, you wouldn’t want a worn-out photo booth for your wedding pictures I’m sure. If it were for a cheesy school dinner or party, perhaps it is okay, but your wedding? It is a big fat no.

5.   Check the camera quality

Check the camera quality. The photo booth should have a DSLR camera that only delivers high-quality definition pictures. Blurry? Below standard? Then this photo booth isn’t for you.

6.   Check out all the details

Here, do not be shy, take pictures in the booth, request the photos, be analytical about it, you are renting the booth with your money and so you deserve value and quality. Is the backdrop satin or sequin? Or is it wallpaper? You want to ensure it is different from the fabric at the reception for a variety.

7.   Ask the Questions

Ask the hard questions, demand to know when you’d get your pictures, how to man the photo booth, how the entire thing operates.

8.   Get other deals

Check out other companies ask for prices and customer policies. This way you’d have a better chance at choosing the best that will obtain if you stick to one.


Finding the right photo booth is often for you and also for the guests and the last thing you want to do is to mess that one up. I’m sure the tips above will help you make an informed choice.

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