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How to Build a Real-Time App Like Uber

2010s is the era of the smartphone. From its humble beginnings in 2007, the smartphone has revolutionized how humans communicate, interact and transact. The power of the Internet just boost up the mode of communication and exchanging of data. And numerous organization using this medium to provide different services to their customers. And one of them is UBER

Uber is a simple mobile app which allows users to avail taxicabs for traveling within the city, using a host of technologies available in smartphones. At its heart, Uber links to service providers to the requisite consumers. The core components of apps like Uber are as follows:

How to Build a Real-Time App Like Uber

GPS: The GPS or Global Positioning System is the core component of Uber. It finds out the location of the passenger who has hailed the cab and informs it to the nearest cab in the vicinity.

Navigation Route-Mapping: Navigation and route mapping are the second-most important facet for apps like Uber. The system allows cab drivers to navigate to the passenger to pick him or her up; and then navigate to the destination, preferably using the fastest route possible.

Fare Calculation: The fare is calculated based on the distance traveled by the passenger, as well as for intermediate stops on the way, just like a normal taxi meter would calculate the fare. The fare is automatically deducted from the passenger’s credit card or wallet, and paid to the cab driver’s account.

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Why Should You Build an App like Uber?

Nowadays, real-time app becomes of the important factors to attract more customers for your business. Whatever the industry you are in people love a company who provide instant services. So Build an App like Uber become the important components of any business like transport industry.

Consumer App: The consumer app provides consumers with the option to request for a service at their desired location. Such an app takes the details about the consumer, including their name, their current location using the GPS module of the smartphone, as well as their mode of payment. Apps can allow consumers to save their data for services which are residential in nature; or allow them to request services at their current location. For businesses such as taxicab providers and emergency services providers, real-time location of the consumer is of paramount importance.

How to Build a Real-Time App Like Uber

Partner App: The partner app provides service providers with the location and other details of the consumers. This has two distinct benefits; first of all, service providers need not look for consumers, which is handled by aggregators like Uber, saving valuable time to improve their services and customer satisfaction indices; furthermore, service providers receive the benefit of having an intermediary body who can mediate in cases of disputes.

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Data API: API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is an interface which allows programs to communicate with each other with ease. A data API takes up the requisite consumer data and provides it directly to the service provider. Since the system uses the internet to communicate, the data transfer is usually instantaneous, without any intervening manpower-based interface, which ensures that the data is provided as quickly as possible, and with 100% accuracy.

Uber Clone App Company provides organizations with real-time app development solutions for various platforms of their choice, including Google’s Android as well as Apple’s iOS. This ensures that no matter which platform the consumer is using, service providers are always abreast of their requirements and can provide their services quicker than that of their competition: a very important factor to enhance consumer satisfaction and be able to charge a premium for their superior services too. The company makes one of the best Uber clone scripts which provide all the benefits of a real-time mobile application without the hassle of developing the app themselves.

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As the world moves more and more towards data-driven solutions to provide immediate solutions to consumers, creating an app like Uber has become of paramount importance to enhance the business prospects of both new and existing businesses. A real-time app opens up a fresh dimension for businesses to connect to consumers and solve their requirements. With Uber Clone App Company, your business will be geared up to meet the necessary challenges of the modern tech-savvy consumer.

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