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How to Build Backlinks for Your E-Commerce Website In 2019

The websites on the internet vary in their niches. Where one website can be discussing food and travel, the other will be able philosophy. Websites that revolve around web content are easy to build backlinks to. This is because such websites have the content for it naturally. Automatically, they receive backlinks and they can put some effort to get some.

When Google first started off, its only ranking algorithm was Google Page Rank. Google Page Rank takes into account two things. The first quality of links associated with your website and the second is the number of links associated with the website. Together, these two factors determined where your website ranked. However, today, even though there are more factors to ranking, backlinks are one of the major ranks determining factors in SEO. You can get help from online backlink generation platforms to increase your e-commerce site traffic in an organized way.

As an e-commerce website, you will have competitors to worry about. And it is not just the direct competitors you need to worry about. Think about the monopolies in your business. Do you think your store will ever be good enough to convince the buyers to buy from you instead of that giant? It will be the case if you are able to establish your authority on search engines. And you can do that by ranking better. Better rankings come from building links and it is not that easy for an e-commerce store to get them. You will need to build a whole new blog so that you can link your own products in it. And get others to link to you. Here is how.

 Build Backlinks for Your E-Commerce Website In 2019

Write posts that compare

There are different formats of posts that you can write on a blog. However, if you are able to create content that is engaging for your audience, you are good to go. Think about your audience. People who are coming to an e-commerce website or people who you did like to visit your website are people who should be interested in making some sort of purchases.

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One way to help buyers convince to purchase your product through your blog is to share product reviews. Now you don’t want to list reviews for each and every product because that will take a lot of time to write and not all people would want to read a review. Think about popular products. If Apple launches a new iPhone, compare it with the latest Samsung phone. You will add links to products on your website at the end of the blog post. This way, you will have an internal link and you are also doing your conversion optimization.

List posts

One common type of blog posts today on the web is list posts. In fact, this is the format of a blog post. What you do is you write X (any number) of [topic]. If you are an e-commerce website, you want to sell primarily. You can do that through your posts. Take in account social trends. Do your keyword research to know exactly what people are looking for on the web. Help them with their pain points. If you know Christmas is coming up, you can write a blog post titled 9 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Dad.

You can write similar posts for Mother’s day like 7 Gift Ideas For Your Mom This Mother’s Day. This will not only create engaging content for your audience but you will also be marketing products from your own store. This can be a great start for your e-commerce content marketing. For those who want to purchase your products will do that from your content. Don’t shy away from accepting the fact that you are marketing a product.

Ask others for a link

Reach out to bloggers in the community. Think about it. If you send out a PR package to a blogger who writes in health and nutrition and they write a blog post on their exercise routine and add a link to your latest yoga mat, you are getting a backlink. Conduct research for different people who are operating in different niches. Try to contact them and send them a thing or two. Also, ensure great service. Bloggers like to be transparent in their content. Otherwise, they lose credibility. If you are able to receive 2- 5 backlinks through this per month, you will be doing great.

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Content is king

If you are able to generate content that is valuable to the readers, you are generating quality content. This content should be able to rank better on search engines regardless of your target audience. If your content is generic, it will automatically get backlinks from other websites and your website will rank better and better over time. Remember that this is a time-consuming process and you will need to put the required effort to be able to actually function well on the web. It does not happen magically and if you know of any agency which is claiming to make it all happen within days, it is a black hat SEO agency and you should stay away from it.

Learn about SEO

There is no way your website is getting backlinks or ranking on search engines if it is not optimized for search engines. What this means is that your grammar needs to be flawless. We don’t want to see any plagiarism in your content. Try to add nice images of the products that you want to market. Keyword density optimization is important. Without it, your content is either irrelevant or spam to Google. That is a big no.

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You need keyword research as well to be able to know what sort of content people are already looking for. Learn how backlinks work. Learn the difference between social signals and backlinks. This will take you places. You can either hire a writer who can write according to SEO or you can find a nice agency to work with if you want to outsource this task. Either way, you need someone who has knowledge of SEO.

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