How to Boost Team Sales and Employee Performance

For those of you who want to see more sales and better employee performance, you must check out this following list. Here are five ways you can accomplish this at your business. No matter your sales industry and no matter the size of your company, your business can benefit from using one or more of these five tips.

1. Use Better Products

If you want to increase your sales and see better performance, then you should take a look at the products used by your sales team. When was the last time you updated the products they use? Since there are so many great products on the market today, you do not have to spend a whole lot of money to make some changes that will yield some positive results for you and your team.

You should first look into some of the more affordable upgrades that will make a huge impact. A Plantronics USB headset can help your staff reduce communication errors. And it could help your team with multi-tasking, too. These products also come with around the clock experts who can help your staff with any issues that ever emerge.

2. Scale Your Sales Development Team

It’s important to have a sales development team to ensure that all your marketing efforts will be paid off. When it comes to scaling your sales development team, it should include multichannel sales strategies with the help of sales experts. While you can hire internal sales development representatives (SDRs), this route is more expensive than hiring remote SDRs.
Also, when resorting to remote services, you’ll get to have a team with technical knowledge and skills in multichannel sales strategies, such as cold calling, email marketing, direct mail, and lead generation. Learn more about scaling your sales development team at You can also check out Closify to hire commission only Sales Agents for Your Business

3. Look at Your Data More

You need to pay more attention to your data. If you neglect to look at it, then you are not going to get to the source of your problems. Do not just take your staff’s word that they are trying. Look at your company’s data for your proof. In this way, every decision you make is more objective, eliminating guesswork.

When you have accurate and complete data, you can find common themes. Those themes usually will highlight some of the reasons for lagging sales. You can forecast better, too. Make sure your entire team values entering data and the validity of their entries. And you might not want to rule out using a new software provider. If you have been with the same software company since you first opened your doors, you might have better options to consider.

4. Focus on Coaching

It is always important for you to coach your team. Even if you have a very experienced staff, they also need to be coached from time to time. In fact, you should have a company culture where coaching is always happening and always valued. Make sure all of your supervisors prioritize this. And remind your supervisors they should be open to feedback from those they manage.

Again, coaching should be happening all the time. But you also should schedule in time set aside for coaching. Make sure to use one on settings, group, and team breakouts, and all staff meetings to coach your team, too.

Aside from coaching, ensure that your employees have continuous training. You can conduct coaching-training sessions by using e-learning materials. Online tutorials or taking short courses on the concept sales can help increase the confidence level and knowledge of your employees.

5. Hire IT Consultants

If you have not ever thought about hiring information technology (IT) consultants, you really should give this some more thought. They can help you with one-off situations, and they can help you with ongoing needs. And even if you have a tech department on your staff, your sales team and your business can benefit.

This especially is helpful if you have sales team members on the road traveling or ever remotely working. You see fewer errors in sales pitches. And you see better productivity, too. These IT consultants also are there for your company around the clock.

IT consultants can help you make a sounder decision when it comes to procuring new technological products that can help with your sales. For instance, if you’re planning to upgrade your business phone systems to the latest technology, you can rely on the expertise of IT consultants–they’ll give you sound advice on specifications aligned with your business requirements.

6. Stress Employee Wellness

A final way to boost team sales and employee performance is to ensure you stress employee wellness. Make sure your team values their health. Make sure they understand things like a healthy work/personal life balance too.

To accomplish this you can ask your insurance providers to come by and talk to your team. You also could ask fitness, medical, and nutritional experts to stop by for a presentation. And don’t forget to regularly send out communications to your team that highlight employee wellness. You can include all kinds of tips. Don’t forget you will have to make sure your supervisors buy into this, too. And this includes your supervisors making sure employees feel okay opening up to them about any wellness issues they might have.

7. Make Your Employees Feel Valued

Employees feel appreciated and recognized are more motivated and productive. They are more likely to go the extra mile to produce stellar results. Undervalued employees tend to disengage from their job and are likely to leave and find a better company to work for. 

One way you can make your team feel valued is by recognizing their individual achievements. Team leaders can do this during coaching sessions. Managers can also hold recognition events to acknowledge employees who are performing well. It helps to give out tangible symbols of achievement, like custom-made plaques and trophies and trophies, which should be combined with practical rewards, like cash bonuses, gift certificates, or vacation-leave credits. 

Recognition, along with positive incentives, can make employees feel that they’re more than just cogs in the machine and help motivate them to excel.

Better Sales and Better Employee Performance

Through your use of one or more of the tips above, you can get the results you want and deserve. Bookmark this page. You might want to reference this again in the future.

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