How to Advertise Your Artisan Soap Business to the Right Audience

If you intend to turn your passion for using scents and essential oils to make aromatic bars of soap at home into a professional business, you’ll be happy to know you’re making a great decision. The artisan soap business is one of the best businesses you can venture into, and your journey should start by identifying the right audience for you. In the past, advertising has been a challenge for most soap makers. Let’s discuss ways you can find the right audience for you and ensure dominating success for your business.

1. Note Down Your Product’s Features

Examine what distinguishes your soap, such as the unique fragrance you have created or the ingredients you use. If you’re targeting campers, a natural insect repellant will likely be more appealing, while candy-flavored smells will appeal more to children. There are a lot of skin conditions that can be cured or rectified by artisan soaps.

These skin conditions can also be influenced by a specific age. For instance, teenagers might struggle with dry skin, acne, and clogged pores, while an older generation leans towards anti-aging products. In 2020, the Metro Style estimated the anti-aging market to be worth $58.5 billion! Clearly, this market will only continue to grow as more and more people focus on their skincare regimens.

2. Identify Your Target Market

A niche allows you to stand out among the other soap makers and help clients remember what you sell so they know where to go when they want to buy more of your products. The easiest way to identify a niche is by looking at the clientele that already purchases your soap. For instance, you may supply wholesale to shops that would put it on their shelves. Or, you could choose to sell in retail by only selling your soap in small quantities online, at fairs, exhibitions for women, and craft shows.

Be sure to leverage online advertising and add product reviews and user-generated content. These make your advert more engaging. In fact, highly engaged viewers spend 76 times more money online on advertised goods and services.

3. Research the Local Market

If you choose to have a physical shop set up, targeting a precise location is a great way of getting an audience for your business. By now, you have probably determined who your ideal clientele is. You can have a value proposition workshop to understand the market and engage your audience one on one.

The workshop can promote your brand and help you perceive your product from the consumers’ perspective. You can also have a product demo for your audience to familiarize themselves with or have a few products on sale. Through the engagement from the workshop, your local audience can help sell your brand through their valuable testimonials. For your soap business, this is where the human senses play a huge role; you might find certain fragrances or textures will draw in more clients.

4. Examine Your Competition

Finding ideas to stand out requires researching what other soap makers are producing. Visit boutique stores, flea markets, and craft shows in your area to see what kinds of soaps they sell. Inquire what sells best to know what is in high demand. Also, you can determine what is missing from the market.

For instance, it could be scents that appeal to specific markets, such as men, pets, or children. This provides you with a potential niche to serve. If no competitor makes soaps suitable for babies in a certain age bracket with organic materials, you can use that as a chance to create your customer profile.

Advertising your artisan soap can be easy with thorough research. Plus, developing a theme for your marketing campaign shouldn’t be too hard. The World Bank cites cleanliness and hygiene promotion as the most cost-effective health measure to prevent disease. You can form your campaign around this. Use these tips to advertise your artisan soap business and get it in front of your target customers.

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