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How Supporting Charities Can Help Your Business

How Supporting Charities Can Help Your Business

One of the most notable contributions you can make towards humanity when running your business is giving to charitable causes in your community. Many companies give back by taking part in non-profit events, giving volunteering chances to the locals, and donating money and equipment. Setting up a corporate sustainability program may seem like a lot of work and effort, but it has several benefits to your business, as outlined below.

Tax Reductions

As much as making charitable donations shouldn’t be all about the money, your business is bound to benefit through tax reductions that arise from supporting charities. Tax-deductible contributions include cash donations and sponsorships of charity events, inventory donations and assets. You are required to follow the right rules and go about supporting charity the right way to comply with the tax regulations.

For the tax deduction to reflect on your overall Adjusted Gross Income, you should itemize your deductions. An excellent example of donating to charity is giving your used cars to a charity organization like the National Kidney Foundation. Your business benefits from their kidney foundation pickup by getting tax reduction and saving the hustle of revamping a used car or putting in in the market for sale.

The process may be tedious, which is why working with your financial accountant through donations and keeping records is essential. Ensure you are working with a non-profit organization approved by the IRS as they will issue you with a tax form to file your tax returns.

Brand Awareness


Giving back to the community is an excellent way of putting your name out there and improving your brand’s visibility. When customers associate your business brand with favorable acts of giving back to their community, your name will stick with them, and they, in turn, will readily support your business by giving back. Consumers can also differentiate your company’s identity from other brands when you actively participate in charitable activities.

To better push your brand awareness with charity support, mention your charitable donations and involvements on your business website, in your advertisements and in other marketing materials. When the partner charity also mentions your adverts’ participation, it helps consumers connect your brand name to your chosen charity.

Boosts Employee Morale

There is no magnificent way to get your employees geared up for performance and excellence than by showing them that you are mindful of their interests and moral values. Employee morale is imperative to your business’s success and the reason why team building activities are so important.

Giving your employees something to be enthusiastic about is a way of boosting their morale and participating in a worthy cause. When you plan on participating in charitable events, give your staff opportunities to suggest charity causes that are meaningful to them and what they expect to give. These could be chances for team building activities that focus on raising money for worthy causes and offer volunteering hands for non-profit organizations.

Gain Customer Loyalty

Many consumers in today’s business world want to purchase from brands that care for their communities and the surrounding environment. When your customers associate your business with charity, they immediately put you in their good books. It means that you contribute some of your profits to the development of the community.

The positive image helps your business gain a long-standing relationship with your consumers. It is vital to start from home before you spread your wings across boundaries. Your customers will be loyal, knowing that you care for the growth and development of your community.

Doing some market research on the most popular charitable sources in your backyard will help you choose what works well with your brand. Customer loyalty and corporate sustainability go hand in hand to bring success to your business and your charity partner. Therefore, it is essential to find an alignment between your business and the charity organization.

Donations Increase Sales

Many consumers want to buy goods from companies that have a sense of humanity and show it. People will do business with your company if they know you participate in social promotions and your company is involved in charitable promotions.

eBay and Amazon have managed to reduce cart abandonment by adding an option for buyers to contribute to charity on their carts. More people will buy more when they know a margin of the profits will help a school or hospital in need of supplies or help animal rescuers care for stray animals appropriately. The result is increased sales from getting your community involved in your charitable donations.

Other ways to increase sales is through the free marketing you get by participating and associating your brand with charity events. Charities can increase your revenue by marketing your goods and services to their members.

In conclusion, participating in charity is a part of your business’s moral development. The idea is that when you do good, you also attract good.


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