How Social Media Can Be A Game Changer For Your Career And Business

More than 4.2 billion active users use social media across the globe. It is no longer used for communicating with friends and family only; instead, it is a game changer for businesses and achieving career aspirations. 

Social media has a significant impact on an individual, and it has the power to make or break it. The person wisely using it can land their desired lucrative position and make connections with influential personalities within the industry.

Online networking platforms have become necessary for small businesses, online stores, and enterprise marketing. It is a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to increase the reach of customers, gain valuable insights, boost sales, increase revenue, and grow a brand. 

The Powerful Impact of Social Media on Your Career and Business

Let’s examine how social media can profoundly impact your career and business. The following points will give you deeper insight into using the platforms to make the most of them. 

1. Does Social Media Matter In Employing Process? 

You might think that recruiters have to scan dozens of candidates’ documents with their eyes. So it leaves no time for hunting the social accounts of potential employees. If you have this belief, it is the right time to change it because the truth is its opposite. As claimed by Forbes, more than a third of recruiters screen the accounts of candidates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, et cetera. 

Reading this fact might form lines of stress on your forehead because it has the risk of badly influencing your professional life. However, flipping to the other side of the page also opens up the opportunity to secure a better position. So, it is time to take a broom in hand and clean all the stuff from your accounts that can leave a wrong impression on your current and future employers. 

Plus, taking personal statement help from professional writers will also benefit you in landing your desired position. 

2. Do Your Profiles Have to Dress Up As Resumes?

You should ensure that all your profiles on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, et cetera look presentable. However, by presentable, we nowhere mean that they have to look like your resume unless it is LinkedIn. But they should have a professional touch by ensuring that your accounts don’t have something that can put the hiring managers off. 

Make sure there is no reference to alcohol, drug, vulgar content, or adverse comments about your previous employer and company. Besides, there shouldn’t be any post that promotes racism.

If you are questioning whether you should delete a specific post or not when combing through your profile, you must do it. There shouldn’t be any such content regarding which you muddle over its appropriacy. Plus, be mindful of what types of pages and posts you interact with by commenting and liking. 

3. Lock Down Privacy Settings – Yes Or No? 

It may sound bizarre, but about 13 million Facebook users don’t change their privacy settings. Once you declutter and organize your social media accounts – now what? The next step is to change your privacy settings. Make the necessary amendments to your Instagram and Facebook, so only the closest to you can access your tagged posts and uploads. 

However, for those individuals who belong to the creative industry, such as entertainment, fashion, blogging, et cetera, locking up accounts can potentially hurt their careers. In such cases, the employers want to see how interactive you are and to what extent people admire your work. 

4. It Helps To Showcase Your Unique Personality

The hiring manager might reject or hire candidates while screening their profiles, depending on how unique or inappropriate they appear. So, it is always two ways, but ensure you leave a great impression on your potential employer. You might have some abilities that can’t be highlighted on your resume; therefore, take advantage of social media. Use it to showcase your unique personality, sense of humor, charitable nature, and other positive qualities. 

So, if you have some creative interests, share them on your profiles, as they might attract your potential employer. More importantly, using the platforms to connect, interact, and network with other individuals within your industry will help you grow your career and business. 

5. Reduces Marketing and Promotional Expenditure

We discussed how social media can impact your career. Now, let’s take a look at its influence on businesses. Marketing and promoting the brand, including products and services through online platforms, is cheaper than other mediums. So, if you have a startup and don’t have enough budget for advertising, move towards Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, et cetera. 

Consistent efforts and low expenses will help you gain organic recognition and promotion. There are many ways to use these platforms for advertising your products or services. Hence, you should take every step that gets you closer to creating your dream life a reality. 

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6. An Awesome Way to Create Word Of Mouth

Social Media is a fantastic way to create word-of-mouth marketing. Suppose your customers get something beyond their expectations through your products and services. They will be inspired to share their happiness and valuable experience with others by commenting on your website, business profiles, or their accounts. Either way, WOM marketing will uplift your sales and strengthen your bond with your customers. 

7. Challenging To Eradicate the Aftereffects Of Offensive Post

Though the platforms have many positive impacts, we can’t close our eyes to the negative ones. If a brand gets involved in some blundersome activity and hurts the feelings of a mass of people, the venture will suffer significantly. 

A wrong tweet or post can spoil all the years-long efforts to develop a brand reputation. Besides, after following the right strategy, companies can attract large audiences, stay on top of the competition, and enhance the brand value. 

Final Thoughts

One thing is for sure; the usage of social media is going to increase further in 2023. It is excellent for growing yourself as a brand and expanding your business. Following the suitable strategies will help you land your desired position and fulfill your career aspiration. Plus, representing your brand in a positive light will help your venture grow and reach new heights of success and prosperity. 

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