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How Players Try To Cheat In Online Poker?

Cheat In Online Poker

Online games are becoming more popular of late. Of all the varieties available online, online poker games are one of the most popular choices. Playing it strategically like using the free rolling poker method and carefully can result in substantial wins involving financial gains. On the other hand, a little negligence can accelerate the chances of losses involving financial losses.  

Always remember that every game of poker involves a certain amount of risk. Hence, take the necessary precautions while playing poker and you should also be aware of free rolling poker and other methods like it. Along with plenty of other risks, poker games also possess the risk of falling prey to cheating. If you do not stay alert during the game, anyone can cheat you at any time. 


Collusion is one of the most tried ways to cheat in the poker game. It refers to the arrangement between two or more players to let one of them win.  The players secretly exchange information about their cards and next moves to manipulate the poker table outcomes. Generally, this type of manipulation takes a longer time. 

Therefore, players opt for poker tables with a higher limit to exercise collusion. With so many poker apps coming up every day, it might be challenging to avoid these issues. The best online casinos always make sure to provide enough measures and safeguards to restrict such collisions.


Do not go by the term! There is nothing spooky about this form of cheating. Ghosting takes place when a poker player takes advice regarding an ongoing game from another person. It is a little difficult to indulge in ghosting during physical tournaments. But, while playing online, it is pretty difficult to avoid such manipulative communications. 

Anyone can easily access apps like Skype or Teamviewer to assist another person playing poker games. To do so, even the physical presence of the advisor will not be required. Hence, be aware of such issues while playing online poker games so one must know about free rolling poker on GetMega and other terms. 

Poker Bots

Check if you are playing with a human or a poker bot before starting a game. Poker bots refer to computer programmes that are capable of simulating human actions flawlessly. Since poker games involve substantial mathematical calculations before making decisions, the bots mostly make perfect choices all the time. 

If your opponent is moving almost impeccably every time, check for its authenticity. Also, if the opponent is playing for a long time without any breaks or managing several poker tables correctly at the same time, it could be a bot. 

The perfect simulation of human actions by these poker bots makes it almost impossible to figure out if you are playing with a human or not. The best online casinos offer a few measures to check for the authenticity of the players. However, the best would be to stay alert while playing. 


Multi accounting is another common way of cheating in poker games. When a player opens several real-money accounts as a different player, the issue of multi-accounting arises. If you are playing with such a player, your chances of wins reduce as your opponent plays as multiple people. 

Also, the poker sites get cheated by these fake players in terms of bonuses. The best online gambling sites forbid multiple accounts opening in the first place. Moreover, these sites check the identity of every player at the time of registration thoroughly to avoid such fraudulence.  

Super User Accounts

This is one of the most tried cheating methods in a poker game for games played on the table. When it comes to online poker games, accessing the opponent’s hole cards kept in the server seems almost impossible.

A super-user account is all about seeing the hole cards of your opponent, which makes decision-making an easier and low-risk affair. However, with the best online casinos, the chances of such fraud remain the minimum. The players only get to see his/her own hole cards, not that of the opponent’s. This reduces the chances of this fraud in online poker games. 

The bottom line of the story is that one must stay alert while playing poker or any other gambling game online. Deception can creep in at any time and in any form. Choosing the best and the authorised poker sites would be a smart solution to avoid such swindlers. Enjoy every poker game by playing with fair opponents. 

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