How Much Money Can I Make On YouTube?

Everyone is searching for different ways to earn money online, the most common question I heard is “How much money can I make on Youtube?“. YouTube is a video sharing website with millions of video being uploaded each day by its users. The income from YouTube is made by monetizing the videos properly. We are going to discuss today the scope of earning through YouTube.

YouTube Monetization – Make Money On YouTube

Before we talk about how much, lets first talk about how and why YouTube pays you to upload videos on the website.

First of all, it must not be amazing for you if I say that YouTube is one of the most amazing places in the world to spend holidays at and also that it doesn’t normally charge you even a bit for that. Instead, it is where you, if you wish to, can get paid to enjoy! Also in my mind, it is the highest paying network in the world!

One big news that I came to know some years back in an article on some online magazine was that YouTube always suffers monetary loss! This for you may seem to be unbelievable for an instance for I must say that Yeah, may be!

Perhaps the new YouTube Red is going to help the video-giant a bit! And after all, money isn’t everything, is It? ( Slaves, think again! )

YouTube is one of the biggest advertisement networks and videos are still the best and most effective promotional option in this digital world. And YouTube, when it pays, pays you just a cut of what it gets from advertisers. So basically when your video is monetized and serves an ad, YouTube takes a heap of money from advertisers and then gives a big scoop of that to you. This is how YouTube and you, both make money.

Is Adsense is the only way to make Money from YouTube

Google Adsense is the advertising network of Google which helps in monetizing the blogs and Videos. But still, if YouTube’s Adsense payment was all that you could make there, pardon me, you wouldn’t be seeing those great Youtube stars being millionaires as fast as they are getting now! No, Adsense isn’t the only way you make money on Youtube.

While you read ahead, you may also make money writing online through blogging.

How much Money YouTube Stars are Making?

YouTube stars? Well, say simply, they are celebs. They make money the way any big star does. Like big names in the film industry do. They are walking media companies! But still, as figure speaks better, let us check out some of the biggest YouTube stars and their net worth :

1) PewDiePie: If you’ll ask a media person who knows about YouTube, you’ll get to know that PewDiePie is the weirdest money-makers in the world! He makes money for playing games and uploading his screencast. Really? who watches that? Well, for that, let me tell you around 40 million people do watch him playing games and for that, he has made over $12 million through YouTube Videos.

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2) Smosh : Now these two childhood friends are who have made me fall in love with Pokemon once again! If making people laugh could have paid in any better way, it must be either a stupid speech in parliament or falling of models clothes while she is on a ramp! These two friends are insane enough to have togetherly, as Smosh, their net worth of $9 million approx!

3) Lindsay Stirling: Well, this is where attitude matters! Having denied being signed by a big label, she went to YouTube and then suddenly, she is one of the biggest YouTube stars in the world! Now, these labels come to her and want to sign her, but guess what She shows them her cute middle finger! Lindsay makes around $6 million on YouTube!

These are some examples, and the list of YouTubers is very long! You can’t say that everyone makes it in millions but then yeah, there are really a lot of people who make money on YouTube as much as big stars do!

Ways Stars make money on YouTube

Of course, there are way too more profitable methods than Youtube partner program or Youtube Adsense program which one can use to monetize their Youtube videos. And sometimes those methods are much more profitable than Adsense. The list of Adsense alternatives for YouTube videos is not that long if you consider only highly profitable alternatives, but yeah, the list matters for sure.

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One of the uncommon things that I see in those who are to begin and are seeking to choose between vlogging and blogging is that they think both are way too different that they actually are. When it comes to monetization, there is hardly any difference in the ways people monetize their creation.

Some of the most common ways to monetize are :

  1. Affiliate Product promotion – Promoting other products and get paid.
  2. Sponsorship – Brand your videos to get sponsors.
  3. In-video ads – It is similar to affiliate product promotion.
  4. Selling your Own products.

But do these options pay as much as Adsense? Well, then let me tell you Even more!

Adsense Pay Rate For Youtube Videos / Youtube Pay Per View

So let us suppose you are monetizing YouTube videos using Adsense, and you aren’t getting anything else. So what is average pay per view rate of YouTube videos, or RPM of Adsense for YouTube?

Basically, YouTube pays at an average of $1-$3 per 1000 views, assuming that you are getting an average CTR (click through rate) of 3-4%.

So when you get 30 clicks with an average CPC of $0.04 (Yeah, lets assume the least!), you make around $1.20. Not that bad, I guess as getting 1000 views of Youtube is way too easier than getting 1000 views on a blog post!

And now suppose you are uploading 4-5 videos per day so as after 1 month, you have more than 100 videos which give you a collective average of 3000 views per day after one month (Too many calculations?), you are making an average of $1 per day. So every video you upload makes you $1 or around.

Yeah, You’ll say I am mad, you can’t upload 3-4 videos per day. Yeah, It was just a calculation to get the maximum payout. Uploading a single video in a week is best for the beginners. You can upload and share your videos to different social sites and search engines to get more page views.

Calculating Money On YouTube

So you can easily find out how much money there is on YouTube through Adsense. Affiliate Promotion is the best way to make faster. But for that, you need to establish yourself as a Brand. The Top YouTube stars are now selling their own Products through YouTube like T-shirts, E-books and many more. This is another way to make money through YouTube.

There is lots of potential ways you can make money through YouTube but you need to be creative in thoughts. I am not saying that it is that easy to make money through YouTube. You need to have videos, that too videos with proper copyright to monetize it. Don’t ever copy and upload someone else videos, as YouTube is smart enough to find the copyright of any videos uploaded.

So Earning Through YouTube totally depends on your creative mind and especially your uploaded videos. Viral videos make more YouTube money. Its because they are being shared a lot and viewed a million times. To make a viral video you need to make sure you are giving a suitable title to your videos.


YouTube is the way to become successful, earn money and fame. But not everybody can manage to do so. It needs hard work, smart work, creativity, patience and will power to succeed. Don’t rely only on one source of income with YouTube videos. Adsense advertising is better option for beginner to start monetizing their video but not the best in the long run.

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