How Much Does React Native App Development Cost in 2023?

In the modern world, everyone uses their phones to carry out daily tasks like working, studying, and doing other chores. So, an engaging app will help you to reach the target audience. 

Cross-platform development is an ideal method to broaden your reach while also decreasing the time and cost needed to develop a top-notch app for major mobile platforms (Android and iOS).

Different technologies are employed to create these mobile apps. And among them, React Native is a robust frontend technology popular for developing such solutions. 

This post will discuss how much a React Native app development cost and emphasize the factors determining the price.

So, let’s get started. 

What is React Native?

React Native is a frontend framework created by Meta Platforms, previously known as Facebook. It is used to make responsive UI for platform-independent mobile apps. 

It allows mobile app development for Android and iOS devices to utilize the same codebase and is based on the JavaScript language.

You can get a considerable amount of pre-built codebases and templates in GitHub repositories, as React Native has excellent community support from experts and researchers in the development field.

Additionally, it is putting itself on the list of top front-end creation frameworks thanks to its code reusability functionality and modular architecture.

Moreover, as it decreases costs by up to 30%, more and more companies are choosing it for their projects.

Factors to Assess React Native App Development Cost: What Impacts The Price?

1. App Complexity and Features

The complexity of your app increases with the number of features it has, which increases the React Native app development cost, while low complexity does the opposite. 

App features and complexity should be considered because they are the most crucial determining aspect.

You must also consider basic features that do not cost much or are the same across frameworks while developing your app. For example, API integration, geolocation, and other extra features can affect the development price. 

Please refer to our table to see the features and their average cost-

Features Average Cost
LoginApprox $3,000
Admin Panel Approx $4,500
MessagingApprox $7,000
API IntegrationsApprox $5,000 per integration
GeolocationApprox $20,000
IoT Integration Approx $30,000 per integration
eCommerce Approx $10,000
StreamingApprox $5000

2. Application Design

One must consider designing costs while evaluating the React Native app development cost. Design and prototyping are two essential phases that add to expenditures and provide a developer with a precise direction. 

Saving money throughout these phases can result in raised expenditures during development. You can also consult React Native app development services to know the cost of developing your app. 

3. Developers’ Skills and Experience

Developer fees are never fixed when estimating React Native app costs. They depend on the developer’s capabilities and experience level. You should be prepared for high costs if your project needs the assistance of numerous senior developers and engineers. For instance, you may need proficient developers to build financial, eCommerce, or apps that integrate many APIs.

Using this framework, you can develop the app once for all platforms. Although, many projects would need a senior engineer, and the rest team members may be mid-level developers. Moreover, junior developers might be useful to help with clerical work.

4. Integration of Third-Party Components

The budget will undoubtedly exceed your expectations if you incorporate payment gateways, invoicing systems, subscription management, and third-party login in your app because these features require extra work. 

5. App Development Team

You have two best choices for creating your app: in-house or take the help of an outsourcing app development company. It is less expensive to outsource a development firm than to make one internally. 

Since you have restricted time-consuming tasks of reviewing each profile, paying your monthly salaries and electricity bills, etc. React Native can also provide scalability and productivity in hybrid app development.

6. Support and Maintenance for Apps

Once the app is launched and distributed, development continues. Instead, the majority of apps still need constant support. You should also consider the amount of money required for this ongoing maintenance in the project budget to grasp how much React Native truly costs. App maintenance costs incorporate future design modifications, routine app updates, bug fixes, etc.

The maintenance procedure can be controlled by selecting the correct team. You should hire React Native app developers who offer continuous project assistance. It makes sure that the apps receive regular quality and security updates. Even when the basic development procedure is completed, everything leads to making the app more responsive to user demands and expectations.

React Native App Development Cost Based on Location

Location Hourly Cost
United States$30-$150
United Kingdom$40-$150
Australia & New Zealand$35-$150
Eastern Europe$25-$100
Western Europe$40-$120

Wrapping Up

React Native may be the best option if you are a business leader who wants to launch your app but is short on cash. The cost of making an app is not fixed because it relies on many variables, including location, tech stack, developer experience, and abilities. Based on the project’s size and complexity, the React Native development cost could be between $30,000 and $300,000.

React Native app developers can present you with everything, from quick app development to simple maintenance to strong community support. React Native seems to be a favorite framework for enterprises searching for efficient ways to make a cross-platform app, thanks to all its features and advantages.

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