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How Much Does It Cost to Learn Golf?


Golf is a fun activity that not many people participate in as they consider it expensive. Get online and find a golf club around your area to join and start golf club fitting at TimberStone Golf Course. However, golf club fitting can take a while. First, you will have to learn about the uses of various golf techniques. Whether you are learning golf for recreational or competition purposes, the trainer will match the different golf clubs to match your swing. However, taking your child to golf lessons is almost the same as taking your child to baseball lessons. Therefore, you should compare some of the charges because you never know when golf can be your new hobby. Let’s check out a few factors that affect the overall cost that you will spend in learning golf. You can also visit ReachPar for a great guide on Playing Golf for Beginners

1. Prices of The Golf Gears 

There is no need to purchase the golf gears when you first join. Instead, it would help if you start your training lessons with your golf trainer. A golf gear needs a knowledgeable person in golf to help you buy the right ones. Besides, before you start your classes, your trainer will find the right golf club for you when you are ready to purchase one. You can get online to find out the prices of club ranges—the highest-priced golf club costs around $250. However, you can also get generic golf clubs at a lower price. When you want to purchase the whole golf club set, the affordable one goes for around $600, including the golf bag.

On the other hand, you also need to include the prices of other accessories such as shoes, t-shirts, gloves and a towel. Therefore, you might forego items like t-shirts and shoes for a while to save on the overall cost. In the end, the prices of purchasing the gears and accessories can sum up to about $700.

2. The Type of Lesson 

Before you start on your classes, you should find out the type of programs the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) offers for beginners. For example, Get Golf Ready consists of a few beginner’s lessons that do not require you to have golf clubs. The programs teach the basics of golfing at $99. Besides, the program is a great way to understand whether golfing is your thing. After the lessons, it is up to you to continue with other classes.

Various golf clubs offer sessions in groups. It is up to the golfer to decide the type of session they want. The individual sessions are costlier compared to the group programs. Typically, people start with group sessions that hold around 10- 15 people per session. The training sessions also cost approximately $21-30, depending on the golf course. There are also playing sessions where the trainer observes how you play and trains you to improve your skills.  You can also get tips on how to target problematic holes. Again, the play sessions are more expensive than any other training sessions.

3. The Instructors Experience 

The cost of training with an instructor will depend on their background and level of qualification. The PGA gives instructors ranks depending on their level of expertise. For example, a PGA Head Pro trainer will charge around $150- $200.

 On the other hand, a PGA Assistant Pro will charge less for their sessions. For example, they can charge $45-$55 per session. Besides, a trainer charges less for children training for golf. Therefore, if you are a beginner, it is wise to start with a junior trainer, and as you improve on your skills, you can upgrade to a master trainer.

4. The Cost for Tee Time 

The tee time cost varies depending on the days. It is expensive to play during the weekday compared to the weekends. The number of holes is also an essential factor to consider when you decide to take your classes. For 18 holes, the prices start at $18, including tax, while for nine holes, the prices start at 10 dollars. 

Finally, it is pricier to train an adult than to teach a child. You can sum up the costs depending on the golf course you are planning to attend and the type of lessons they offer. Also, if you are working on a budget, you can reduce your expense on the golf gears and pick an instructor that charges less for their sessions. Lastly, you can include an extra amount for the cart rates and the driving range to avoid additional charges. Besides, it would help if you looked out for golf courses that offer season passes.

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