How GPS Based Attendance Management Solution Benefits Supply Chain Management

GPS has surfaced as an essential technological tool for most of the businesses to define mapped and unmapped territories, tracking their resources, cargo, shipment, and vehicles. As compared to their foreign counterparts, the utilization of GPS tech has been limited. ISRO has recently launched NAVIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation) which will boost the use of positioning systems.

Here we will discuss the use of GPS-based Attendance Management Software in supply chain management. It is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the Indian subcontinent owing to the online sales portals and food delivery apps. Having a dedicated employee time tracking system is crucial to the employers as the staff members are neither permanent nor located at stationary sites. An advanced timekeeping module will not only ensure the attendance but also works as a catalyst for business process optimization. 

Logistics Market and the Difference made by the Attendance Management Software 

Supply chain management was speculated to be close to $160 billion and projected to hit $215 billion in 2020 (source). These figures will include fluctuations in newer businesses also. If the employer has no accurate access to the real-time situations of the goods and staff members assigned the duty to complete shipment. In case of breakdown, if the employer doesn’t get informed about such instances, the entire cycle is affected. Absence due to illness of an employee or the malpractices in touring route calculations can cause significant losses. An Attendance Management Software will capture the location and time of presence along with their movement by using GPS-based mobile app data. It will also generate comprehensive reports for each employee to make the company aware of the work being done by them on a day to day basis. The complexity of the supply chain is streamlined by strong employee presence and a sense of accountability. Have a look at the article for having insights into the matter.

Use Mobile Forms to Collect Customized Field Data

When the employees are carrying particular shipments, they may have to face difficulties that are not experienced in other goods and commodities. Mobile forms can be used to rate the journey, dispatch team, and connectivity conditions. Having real-time inputs can help in effectively sharing them to the next shifts and operations can be diverted to optimize scheduling. Heavy shipments are coordinated as per the cost and value. Using a database of delivery personnel will provide a roadmap to the management in planning routes and compensate for the absence of the employees. If an employee is going to be absent from the future date, the employer can combine the shifts as per the mutual consent of both parties. 

Constant Communication between Delivery & Dispatch Points 

The dispatch points are informed of the live location of the expected goods by using the Geo-tracking feature of attendance solutions. The supply end is informed about the availability of the slot as per the delivery point status. The problems or delays are notified to either of the ends by using app-based communication. The sales channels can use the geofencing to capture the presence of the local resource who reports to the concerned site on a regular basis. The leave applications are to be submitted to the online portal, which will help the management in assigning the work to other staff members for the smooth flow of work. On the contrary, if a delivery is going to be delayed, the reason is informed as to any preventive measure to be taken well informed to the entire team. 

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

The administrator can generate reports of the visits made by the staff members with consignment details. If the service reports show deviation from the route history, the Software shall create a query. The employers shall integrate the biometric machines with the stationery points to confirm their visit to the designated locations as per the schedule decided. The salary calculations shall use EVV as one of the factors to validate the transactions apart from the attendance data generated by the Geo-tracking. The presence data is sent to the central facility via mail, and the user can also download detailed reports as per the requirement based on location, product, client-base, and therefore the establishment of proper Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is streamlined. 

Predictive Analytics Models for Forecasting

The GPS-based payroll software solutions provide an unparalleled advantage to the supply chains as the rate of accidents, absence, delays, touring difficulties, client-specific instances, and the overall period of cycles is calculated with statistical inputs. The employer can provide a more realistic schedule to the clients by using season-specific models as the historical data is available to the decision making authority. 

Ending Score

If you are in the supply chain management business, ensuring strong employee presence is crucial as the client may charge for the delays beyond certain limits. Having realistic data of a vast number of consignments and employees is vital for the smooth running of operations. Integrating mobile app and cyber-physical systems to track and manage the employee presence data will provide the management with a confident outlook on the organization’s competency. As GPS technology is used with the Software as a Service (SaaS) platform will create a versatile framework for the attendance management system. They will become synonymous with simplified replacements to the intricate models used previously.

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