How Female Entrepreneurs Dress for Success

From modern and laid-back workplaces to rigid and conventional work environments, the daily experience of women in business can be vastly different. However, they all have one thing in common. They still face more challenges when moving up the corporate ladder than their male colleagues, with judgments regarding their physical appearance being a common issue.

To combat this problem and demonstrate that women in power deserve their positions, many female entrepreneurs are using fashion as an effective method of expressing themselves and showing their authority. Here are just some of the many ways female business owners are dressing for success:

Color palettes are neutral

Neutral color palettes are nothing new in the world of business, with many workplaces strictly demanding specific neutral hues. But instead of choosing darker shades such as black, navy, and brown, women in power are turning to brighter colors in an effort to achieve a softer and more approachable look that is equally as elegant and refined. Shades of beige, cream, gray, and even white are rising in popularity. When it comes to more casual work environments, pastel colors are also quite common, along with power suits in brighter and bolder hues. As workplaces become more relaxed, colors are used by female entrepreneurs to grab attention and establish authority.

Simplicity is often prioritized

Running a company is a particularly challenging task, and female business owners are often faced with seemingly never-ending to-do lists on a daily basis. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise they value practicality in their fashion choices. From dress trousers and classic jeans to flowing blouses and fitted turtlenecks, female entrepreneurs tend to prioritize those classic pieces that always look polished and refined. Simple shapes, timeless cuts, and exceptional tailoring are all vital to successful women. They promote comfort and style while reducing decision fatigue and saving some valuable time in the morning, thus allowing for perfect outfit combinations each time.

Traditional pieces are elevated

The corporate environment is still quite strict and conventional in many places around the world, especially for professionals in higher positions. Suiting is generally expected in these instances, but female entrepreneurs often find unique ways to imbue some personality and style into otherwise plain and simple uniforms. For instance, elegant women’s coats are worn in brighter and softer colors, often coming in interesting check prints and unique materials such as tweed as well. This allows for individuality while still being professional and appropriate. Similarly, conventional pencil skirts and dresses are being replaced with more trouser and jacket combinations, as a way to increase comfort, demonstrate power, and be more equal to male counterparts.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs who have the freedom of more relaxed work environments tend to take full advantage of the laid-back nature of their work. Comfort and ease of movement are prioritized above all else, and casual outfits are becoming the new norm in the business world, moving further away from business casual as we know it. In fact, looser trousers, stretchy jeans, classic t-shirts, and casual sneakers are surprisingly common. However, head-to-toe athleisure outfits and sportier shoes are rising in popularity as well, especially among female business owners who are always on the go and want their workwear to be as chic and trendy as it is comfortable.

Basics and staples are still key

Whether the workplace is stricter or more relaxed, most female entrepreneurs still depend on those trustworthy wardrobe staples for their daily outfits. Button-down shirts, simple cardigans, leather jackets, trench coats, midi skirts, knit dresses, ballet flats, classic loafers, knee-high boots, silk scarves, and more. These are all timeless pieces that never go out of style, which can solve any sartorial problem we may have. Their simplicity makes them easy to style and combine with different pieces, thus being simple to dress up or down for any workplace. Not to mention that wardrobe staples always look incredibly chic, fashionable, and elegant, which might explain their popularity among women in business.

Accessories complete chic looks

Accessories are an unavoidable aspect of any good outfit, and the same goes for professional looks. Simple but effective, just a few small add-ons can instantly elevate an outfit and act as the ideal finishing touches. That may be why female entrepreneurs focus on them so often. Leather belts are used to accentuate the waist, elegant watches help to convey sophistication, designer sunglasses can easily catch the eye, while sleek handbags serve both a practical and statement-making purpose. As long as they’re simple, tasteful, and coordinated, accessories can make any outfit look more professional and put-together, which is the impression many women in business want to leave on their clients and partners.

Clothing has a powerful effect, conveying more about our professionalism, devotion, and sense of style than words ever could. Female entrepreneurs masterfully take advantage of this fact, choosing neutrality, simplicity, elegance, and comfort as a way to dress for success.

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