How Do I Create a Local Search Ad?

One of the several benefits smartphone users enjoys today, thanks to technology, is that you can get directions to almost any destination. And, this is mainly because of Google Maps. This app transformed the way people get around, making it incredibly easier for airplanes, cars, and even people to get to their destination without asking for directions. Also, according to statistics, Google Maps is gaining much popularity, having netted over 5 billion downloads over the years. Apart from giving directions, it can also be used for local searches. If you are looking for local search ads for franchises, see this.

This article will provide you with an in-depth guide to creating a local search ad. Let’s dive in.

How Do Local Search Ads Work?

Before discussing how to create local search ads, let’s first look at how they work. Several years ago, local search ads were introduced to help give businesses an option that allows their businesses to come up higher on local searches. Not too long ago, smartphones were merely just a personal accessory. But, thanks to the growth of the internet, searching for local businesses using the internet via a smartphone is the new norm.

Local search ads have made it possible for small businesses to take advantage of this new feature. Also, around the same time, Google Maps made it possible to find directions using one’s smartphone. Customers can also use Google Maps to find the direction of a business. All one needs to do is click the map for directions and walk, drive, or ride right to the business’s front door. Companies can now combine all these features and use them to drive traffic to their businesses.

So, how can you create a local search ad?

Creating local search ads is quite straightforward. Here are five steps that can make the process easier

Ensure Your Google My Business is Up to Date

Start by ensuring that your Google My Business page is up to date. The last thing you would want as a business owner is inaccurate information online, which can confuse your clients. It can also make them feel cheated, especially if they discover that your ad promotes something wrong. Therefore, try to make sure that you set up everything right.

Boost Your Business Description

Having a purple pin on Google Maps is a pretty appealing invite to a potential customer. However, it’s essential to make sure that they see a description that interests them when they click on that link. Otherwise, they may end up ignoring your local search ad and continuing about their day. Therefore, take time to boost your business description on Google My Business profile.

You can try adding images to your site; if applicable, this will allow people to know what to expect and what your business looks like. An informative and dynamic listing helps increase the chances of a customer liking what they see before stepping into your store.

Turn Your Location Extensions on in Google Ads

Another way you can create your local search ad is by turning on your location extensions in your Google Ads account. This feature ensures that any paid campaigns your business runs in Google Ads will display your business name, distance, address, a search result, and a call button.

Optimize and Include Keywords

Another mandatory step you should always follow when creating local search ads is optimizing and incorporating keywords for your campaign. Always have a list of keywords you can use to target ideal customers. Also, ensure that the keywords you use match the exact items or products the customers are searching for in a particular location.

As a business owner, never shy away from going overboard. You can use around five to 20 primary keywords in your local search ad to help you drive traffic to your business.

Adjust Your Bids by Your Business Location

It’s important to always target specific areas and locations you want your local search ad to cover within Google Maps. This ensures that a purple pin will pop up whenever a customer who is some distance away or close to your business searches it online. And, depending on the location you choose, you can adjust your bids based on your paid campaign strategy.

While this process looks quite tedious, it is still an effective way of growing your business tremendously. However, it’s essential to follow every Google ads step if you want your marketing campaign to succeed.

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