Talking, or even thinking about travelling is one of the most exciting things people can indulge into it. For years we’ve been hearing people talking about their wishes to go to heaven as they shed their earthly lives, but the people of the present, the products of the modern age know what a spectacular kind of heaven this very earth is capable of providing. Sitting on the desk for hours and staring at the screen like Sisyphus pushing the heavy boulder only to watch it roll back down the mountain has almost become the definition of the lives of people in this 21st century.

In order to keep ourselves charged, enthusiastic and excited about the future that awaits us, looking for beauty in the environment that surrounds us is the easiest thing we can do and travelling is the most fun way to do it. This fun escapade, however, can often backfire and turn out to be an absolute bummer. Maybe because you forgot your favourite sweatshirt, the bed turns out to be not as comfortable or because you are out of your food and water stock, your mood can go down faster than a bullet. But this is where the modernity and technological advancement of the age comes into play. This when your most loved sidekick comes into play; Gadgets! 

With this ever expanding tech world, life has become easier than one could have ever imagined, and the way it has eased down travelling is beyond description. There is a gadget for every possible crisis you might find yourself into on your travel journey. From filtering water for drinking to keeping your feet warm when in cold locales, these gadgets act as your major saviours. Activities like hiking and trekking have never been easier. If you are planning to go on the Everest Base Camp Trekking this year, then you might want to read this article further where we’d list out a few gadgets to give you an idea of how they make your travel journey more fun-filled, easier and memorable. 

Universal Travel Adapter

You might not always know in what forms diversity would appear in front of you. You might see it in the differences in physical features, the way people dress up or something as intrinsic yet basic as a plug outlet. It comes as a shocker to a lot of people that not all countries have the same plug outlet and there is no way you that you’d take a trip without your electrical appliances that need to be charged every once in a while. Getting yourself a universal adapter will save you from the hassle you’d go through in a new place, looking for means and ways to charge your electrical essentials. This gadget will keep you out of the “battery low” crisis. 

Lifestraw water filter

Watching Man vs Wild all your life would have made you believe that you are now fully equipped to survive in an unknown land, into the most extreme forms of wilderness. However, sorry for breaking the bubble, this might not exactly be the case. For people who want to go hiking, trekking, staying in the wilderness or staying anywhere that is away from a bustling town/city, it is important that you are properly equipped with things that should ensure your well-being in case of any kind of crisis. One of the most common crises one can face on any trip is the unavailability of drinking water. This is where Lifestraw will help you. This gadget is built with a capability to turn up almost 1,000 litres of contaminated water into water fit for human consumption. This is the most ideal gadget for those going for hiking, backpacking or camping, although it can be used for all kinds of travel journeys. 

Compact Action Cameras

It is a totally irrational thing to assume that if you are on a trip, you wouldn’t want to capture all the beautiful moments in order to keep them intact as memories. However, when going on a trip, you have to make sure that you don’t carry unnecessary loads of things with you and create a burden on yourself. But don’t worry! Remove your huge professional cameras and put in smartly designed compact action cameras. These little magical elves are equipped with lenses that can capture the entire beauty of the landscape around you. Thankfully, they come with the provision of mounting so you can easily mount them on anything, like your backpack or hiking stick. This way, you’d be able to capture your surrounding without even missing out on enjoying the scenery in the moment. 

Female Urination Devices

Things can be pretty difficult for women during their travel. While unsanitary bathrooms are not an alien concept, a solution to it is. Researches and studies show that a lot of women suffer from various kinds of urinary and vaginal infections because of the usage of unsanitary washrooms. However, thanks to technology, new spectacular things have entered the market as female urination devices. This allows women to pee while standing up. These are small devices made of medical grade silicone which will fit right into your purse. This can be one of the best gadgets a woman can carry with her on a trip. 

Solar Panel

You must have established by now that there are a lot of gadgets which are major essentials for your trip. Most of these gadgets run on electrically charged batteries which need to be recharged every once in a while. You might carry a portable with you, fully charge your devices, but you might never know when a case of emergency strikes you. To save yourself from this crisis, you can keep handy solar panels, often available with integrated battery, to help you keep your essentials always charged and ready for use!

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