How Can I Receive SMS from Another Number?

On many occasions, we might need a new telephone number but don’t want to buy a sim card or lose the old one. Luckily, virtual number services like HotTelecom ( offer one-time or temporary numbers that are convenient, affordable, and available through the Internet. Let’s find out how they work and where you can buy one.

How Do Virtual Numbers Work?

Using virtual numbers is quite simple. All you need to do is find a service and buy one from it. After that, you will be able to receive messages on it from your digital dashboard on the platform, just like a regular message on your phone. You can access your dashboard from any device with an Internet connection.

There are two options for buying a temporary number — single-use or rent. The first one will come in handy when you need it to receive a code and never use it again. It will usually work for a limited time and just one service of your choice and can’t be used again after you’ve received a message. The second scenario is mainly for businesses that want to centralize their support services, need to forward messages from an inactive number, and more. They can rent one and use it regularly.

Single-use numbers are extremely cheap, while rent will cost significantly more. Make sure to calculate which option is optimal for your goals before purchase.

Where Can I Buy a Virtual Number?

Many services on the Internet offer virtual numbers for both personal and corporate use. We can recommend HotTelecom as we’ve been their clients for over a year. They offer virtual numbers for 30 countries with the possibility to forward messages to email or a different number. Messages are also available in an easy-to-use dashboard, which helps to organize your correspondence. Messages are stored in cloud storage, which holds enormous amounts of data. All issued numbers correspond to corporate security standards.

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