How Business Portraits Can Make You Look More Professional

So you’ve got your business card and maybe a few other print marketing items to help promote your business. However, there are still opportunities to make you look more professional and increase your credibility as a small business owner. How can you do that without spending a lot of money or time?

Business portraits! First impressions count, especially prospective clients and new connections on LinkedIn or in person. You want people to see you as someone they can trust and knowledgeable about your industry. Photos from an interview, trade show, or networking event can also come in handy later on if you apply for membership with any organizations related to your industry.

Make You Look More Professional with Background Details

When you’re in front of the camera, your attention is on the photographer, making sure you smile and look natural. However, when you’re in front of a background, your attention is usually on your business. This means you very often end up looking distracted and unprofessional. If you’re using a wall or brick wall as your background, you may look like you’re in an office building or a doctor’s office. If you have a tablecloth with flowers or plants, you might look like you’re in a restaurant. Your background can inadvertently give away your industry or business. A background consistent with your industry will help you look more professional and draw attention to your facial expressions and body language. You can research business portraits in  Los Angeles to find places that offer business portrait backdrops, but keep one thing in mind: you want a background consistent with your industry.

Grow Your Network

Having photos in which you are presenting yourself at a trade show or networking event is great for online portfolios and LinkedIn. This way, when connecting with other professionals, you can let them know that you were at a particular event and that you’re proud of your work. When you let people know you have a business portrait, they can easily associate the image with you and your work. These photos can also be used as part of your website banner if you decide to set up a website.

Establish Brand Awareness

Having a business portrait can help you establish brand awareness. This can happen if the portrait includes an image and logo representing your company. If you have a portrait taken where you’re wearing your work gear, this can also help establish brand awareness, but to a lesser extent. When choosing a background for your portrait, remember that you want it to look clean, consistent, and professional. If you have a portrait with a cluttered background, your photo may look unprofessional and hinder your efforts to establish brand awareness.

Gives Your Business a Personal Touch

A portrait of yourself at your desk can give your business a personal touch. This can help you stand out from your competitors. If you have a portrait taken with your pet and family members, it can give your business a personal touch that can help you stand out from your competitors even more. Having a portrait of yourself or your family members or pets can let clients know that you are a real person who does excellent work and has a life outside work. This can help clients connect with you more personally and make them feel comfortable working with you.

Showcase Expertise

When you have a business portrait taken, you have an opportunity to show off your expertise in your industry or field. You can show off your skills and expertise when you have a portrait taken at your desk. When you have a portrait taken at a trade show or networking event, you can show off your skills and expertise in an environment related to your field. If you want to look more professional, consider taking a business portrait. These portraits can help you stand out from competitors and boost your business’s credibility. If you want to look more professional, choose a background that isn’t cluttered and has nothing that will draw attention away from you and your face.


Business portraits are a great way to make you look more professional. They can be taken in many different settings, whether in your office, trade show, or home. Whether your portrait is taken professionally or with the DIY approach, it’s important to remember that first impressions matter. Make sure you make the most of every opportunity to promote your business and look as professional as possible.

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