How To Boost Sales With Social Media Marketing

Not everyone is getting it right when it comes to social media marketing (SMM). While I recommend that you get the right marketing mix, in this article, I will learn five things people are doing to spice up their campaigns. Some are quite obvious, but some are emergent trends.

1. Make it easy to buy

If you complicate your buying, you will certainly lose a customer. Do not put in unnecessary steps in the ordering process; be straightforward. Studies show that online shoppers try the payout option before going ahead with the buying. If it is cumbersome, you will lose the client on the way. Some people leave cumbersome buying processes halfway.

Make a mobile-friendly website and payout option. Studies also show that many online shoppers use their mobile phones and not computers.

2. Pinterest and Instagram contests and pins

At first, most businesses ignored these two social media outlets. They focused on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. However, things have changed. Paid pins and contests on Pinterest and Instagram create an online buzz good for the organic growth of your online reach.

You can run all your promotions, discounts, coupons and others here. If leveraged with social-friendly images, this channel can blow your mind.

3. Create content and engage fans

It is almost becoming a cliché, make good content! Despite that unfavorable monotony, creating good content is the surest way of getting people’s attention. Good content is worth sharing. It is worth mentioning, liking, responding to or even stealing.

Content can be text, images, or videos. According to most SEO and SMM experts, videos and images have the biggest influence on ratings and interactions. For your business, you must curate content specifically to encourage people to interact with it.

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Again, ensure that you also engage with your customer’s content. To gain following in social media, you need to identify with an aspect of the life of your customers. If you offer sports goods, follow and interact with sports enthusiasts.

Be topical and keep up with the seasons. To create quality content, you need to be updated properly. For example, if you are selling women clothes, target historical items about women. You cannot forget mother’s day. If it is Christmas, curate content for Christmas.

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4. Feedback and support section

Today’s customer is bold. He is more than willing to engage you about a reservation. Once you add a support section, the potential customer will not spend a fortune to call you when he can simply press the chat button. A customer who chats with you is likely to make a purchase. Also, provide feedback sections where returning clients can share their experiences with you.

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5. Promotions

Three ways to use promotions on social media include coupons for likes and shares, flash sale at special prices, and free shipping. If you can also leverage Launchrock buzz, you can enjoy your rewards too.

| About the Guest Author:

Lee Nagel is the current vice president in charge of marketing at Izenda Inc. He has worked for 3 years in that position heading global marketing and corporate communication. Formerly, he worked for CEDAR, AIG, and GMAC. He is adept at social and mainstream media marketing.

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