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How to Be a Good Solution Architect

In the world we live in today, technology plays an important role in our everyday lives. As technology continues to advance, the need for new software development is on the rise. Every IT company is on the lookout for a good solution architect that will lead the development team and help them create software that will satisfy the customers.

Moreover, they need a good solution architect that will present the technical stuff to customers and explain to them what the best solution is.

Nowadays, people are demanding all kinds of software. Most of the time, customers aren’t really tech savvy and they have no clue about what is it that they really want. It’s up to a solutions architect to be the mediator between customers and the development team so the best outcome can be reached.

How to Be a Good Solution Architect

Here are a few things you’ll need in order to be a good solutions architect.

You need the technical background

A good solutions architect needs to have in-depth knowledge about the software development process.

You need to know about coding, debugging, testing and even marketing. The more knowledge about the process you have, the better job you’ll be able to do. You have to come up with the best solution and a plan that other development teams will use to create the desired software.

That means you need to know which platform, software and which technology needs to be used in order to reach the goal.

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Also, you need to formulate a plan on which the development process will be based on, so that everyone knows what they’re doing. Moreover, you’re not just telling everyone what to do but you’re also participating and contributing to the development process from start to finish.

You’ll need to know how to handle a customer

Customers constantly have unrealistic demands and unrealistic deadlines. Most of the time, customers don’t really understand how software development works and it’s up to you to make it clear and simple.

You can’t just say: “Sorry can’t be done, go bother someone else”, when dealing with unrealistic customer demands. Instead, you have to negotiate, while explaining to the customer how and why their demands need to be adjusted.

Furthermore, you have to convince the customer that you’re offering them the best solution so they don’t get angry and walk away. Moreover, you’ll need to pry every bit of information from the customer until you reach the point where they agree that “this” is exactly what they want.

Otherwise, you may end up receiving requests for additional features from customers, while in the middle of the
development process and adding features halfway through is extremely difficult.

Be a natural born leader

Many people in your organization will look up to you for advice and guidance. You’ll have an opportunity to work with various teams of developers and testers and you’ll have to be responsible for each member
of your team.

You’ll have to be a leader but you’ll also need to be compassionate and full of
understanding towards your team. After all, your teammates will be your family, sometimes literally, and together you’ll have to face the upcoming challenges and find the best way to overcome any

Furthermore, you must be decisive and take action when needed. Also, you can’t just dump all responsibilities onto your team and be done with it. You must monitor the progress and help out wherever you can, while making sure everyone knows what they’re doing.

Being a strong leader is important, but so is teamwork. Respect your colleagues and in return, they will respect you and follow
your lead.

Always improve your skills

Technology is constantly evolving and people are constantly changing. A good solutions architect has vast knowledge about the industry, but they also have exceptional people skills. Always strive to improve both your technical and your social skills. That way you’ll be able to understand any new technologies and how you can use it to your advantage.

Furthermore, working on your people skills will make you a better person and a better leader. You’ll be able to understand people and communicate with them more personally. Moreover, by improving your skills you’re also giving a boost to your career and experience. It’s important to remember that a good solutions architect is always prepared to face any issue they might face.

In order to be a good solutions architect, you’ll need to have vast knowledge about technology. Aside from technical skills, you will have to be a people person because you will be the team leader that everyone will follow.

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