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Hoverwatch App converts your Smartphone into spy!

The advancement in the mobile-based technology paved the new ways of communication. The whole world is experiencing the digitization and smart phones are the main contributor along with the internet revolution. The new, look world is under our fingertips as the revolutionary Smartphone are part and parcel of our daily life. People are now worried on how to control the use of Smartphone in the working place and how to monitor the act of your kids as the misuse of the device could be fatal. But every problem has a solution. If you are worried about both conditions, here is the solution! It’s Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker! A unique app designed by Hoverwatch. It provides the tracking solutions not only to android phones but also phone based on windows and Mac.

As a parent

As a parent, providing the smart phones to their kids is the matters of a dilemma as it can a double- headed sword. while it can be immensely helpful in their studies and understanding the knowledge, the misuse of the technology are the risk of running pornographic material, addictive games or addiction of smart phones may destroy their future. You can’t prevent your kids to use the new technologies; however, you can mitigate the risk of misuse of Smartphone by installing the hoverwatch mobile tracker app.

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As an Employers

Employers always fail to keep a track of the employee’s activities. This monitoring tool designed by Hoverwatch helps employers to track the activities of employees to see if they are working as per diligence. It tracks the exact location of all employees in your office. This tool also record all the phone conversation and text messages if the employees use their corporate phone for their personal use.

The greatest benefit of using the spy phone app is you will able to record calls, texts, messages of Facebook and what’s App and some other popular sites/apps and camera data as well. Moreover, it also enables you to monitor their online activities and their locations.

The online mobile tracker monitors the following activities of the devices:

  1. Online websites visit 
  2. Sharing of information 
  3. Contact List 
  4. The different installed apps 
  5. Online games children plays 
  6. Monitoring the timing their children spent on mobile 

Functions of Hoverwatch:

1. Records all conversations

Hoverwatch app remotely records all the incoming and outgoing calls on the monitored devices.

Hoverwatch Records all conversations
Records all conversations

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2. Monitors social sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, SMS and MMS

Hoverwatch app remotely monitors all the chats, call, messages and other activities of social networking site like facebook, whatsapp and viber. It also records all SMS and MMS of monitored devices.

Hoverwatch Monitors some trending apps
Monitors some trending apps 

3. Location tracking

This feature allows you not only to track the location of your child or employees but also in tracking the device when it is lost or theft. It can be tracked even if there is no internet connection/Wi-Fi/GPS, as it can be traced with the help of GSM towers.

Hoverwatch Location tracking

4. Hidden

The core objective of this Hoverwatch app is spying and it can be done only if the tracking operations are secret and unknown to the users of the target device. This app operates in stealth mode and completely invisible to the users.

Hoverwatch Hidden and invisible
Hidden and invisible

5. Can track up to five devices by one account

By using just one spy app, you can monitor 5 smart phone devices at a time. It is useful when you are having more than one kid or you want to track on several of your employees.

Hoverwatch Track up to 5 Smartphone devices in one account
Track up to 5 Smartphone devices in one account

6. Detect SIM card change

Hoverwatch app gives you an instant notification of Change of SIM card. This feature helps to identify the targeted stolen device because you will get notified as soon as SIM card changes are made.

Hoverwatch Detect SIM card change
Detect SIM card change

7. Internet tracker

This feature will immensely helpful to monitor the proper use of Smartphone by your kids or employees. All this information of websites has been tracked by this spy app designed by Hoverwatch.

Hoverwatch Internet Tracking

8. Camera Tracker

This is one of the great features of Hoverwatch spy mobile app. You received an insight into how many times your kid or employee unlocks their cell phone. This process is directly proportionate to their distractions from their assigned work or studies. You can also monitor whether other person using the Smartphone. 

Hoverwatch Camera Tracking

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