The History of Manufacturing: How the U.S. Grew Manufacturing Throughout the Years

Manufacturing is an important sector for every country in the world. It’s where most countries gain billions of dollars in GDP. It’s also where most of their economy achieves its growth. But some countries are increasing their manufacturing growth this year, one of them being the U.S.

The manufacturing sector constitutes 10% of the overall GDP of the U.S. It’s ranked fourth-highest sector when it comes to the contribution to the country’s overall GDP. But this isn’t enough for the economy. It’s expected that the manufacturing industry in the U.S. will grow in the coming years as different countries start to become independent from one another. Small businesses will be highly affected by this growth.

Let’s explore the growth of the manufacturing industry in the U.S. and how it can affect various small businesses in the country.


One of the main reasons a country would like to increase its overall manufacturing is patriotism. A country that can manufacture its goods can appreciate more of its products. For example, more people are starting to appreciate US-made pumps because of their outstanding quality compared to other pumps worldwide. In addition, it’s more efficient in pumping out water and more resilient.

Such growing interest in homemade products can increase patriotism, especially among the younger generation. Moreover, this increase in patriotism can unite a country under one banner.

When a country has an increase in patriotism, its citizens are more likely to purchase local goods. This is why small businesses are receiving an increase in sales throughout the years. In addition, as local manufacturing increases patriotism among U.S. citizens, more small businesses benefit from it.


If there’s one thing the semiconductor shortage has taught us, we can’t concentrate on one country for all of our needs.

China is one of the leading manufacturers of semiconductors in the world. This became problematic when it started to close its doors in trade, leading to a global semiconductor shortage, which greatly affected the U.S. Nowadays, the U.S. is planning to ramp up the manufacturing of its semiconductor to combat the shortage. It’ll take years before it can build the needed plants, but it will surely stop the shortage when it happens.

That’s just one of the main reasons why manufacturing in the U.S. is increasing. Sustainability is vital for every country, and if everyone relies on one country to produce their needed goods, it becomes problematic for everybody.

Small businesses are suffering from the shortage of semiconductors and other highly imported goods in the U.S. However, as manufacturing continues to increase, these small businesses are likely to suffer less from the expensive imported goods.

How Is the U.S. Growing Manufacturing?

The U.S. is investing more into the manufacturing sector, but what are the signs that the country is ramping up the overall industry? Besides giving more jobs to the entire population, more plants are being built within the country. Furthermore, more investors are pushing the need for US-made products.

US-Made Products

As stated earlier, the main reasons for manufacturing growth are patriotism and sustainability. As more people start to see the benefits of locally made products, the more they are to support it. This support is now seen all over the U.S.

There is a huge demand for US-made products, and no, we’re not only talking about Apple and Microsoft products. Many of the population are now willing to purchase locally made products regardless of the category. This has led to local small businesses profiting from the increase in local manufacturing within their community.

More Sustainable Energy

Another sign that the U.S. is increasing its manufacturing is by looking into the overall cost of energy in the country. If you have noticed, energy costs in the country, especially in the state of Texas, are reduced. This is because the more investors invest in manufacturing, the more the sector finds ways to produce products efficiently.

If you compare it to a country like China, which has increased its overall energy costs throughout the years, the U.S. is once again ahead when it comes to the growth of its overall manufacturing industry.


Lastly, the main proof that the U.S. is investing more into the manufacturing sector is the increased automation in factories. The investment into automation and A.I. makes many plants more efficient in what they are producing. More people are given innovative tasks instead of mundane ones. The more likely the sector will grow throughout the years.

The growth of manufacturing in the U.S. will affect the world economy. As it becomes more sustainable, more countries will start to invest more into the country. Thus, hopefully, combat the shortages that are happening worldwide.

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